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Well many may remember that about a month ago, we had to cancel School Day at the K because of rain and cold weather. It wouldn’t have been fair or for that matter safe for the 13,000 kids we had booked to be outside in 25° wind chills and off and on rain. So we had to, for the first time ever, cancel the production.

We ended up rescheduling “School Day” and are now calling it “Summer School Day” at the K and it’s coming up one week from today, the 12th (Wednesday) starting @ 10AM. Essentially all that was planned for the original School Day will carry over, including the Science Fair afterwards. Obviously we won’t have nearly as many students out there, since school is over with for the year, but we’re inviting all to come out early (the show starts at 10AM) and make it a fun day @ the K. Your ticket also gets you into the game at 1PM between the Tigers and the Royals. We have no idea how many people will be coming out…could be a couple of thousand, could be a lot more…we’ve never done this before so we’re curious how many show up…hopefully this year the weather will cooperate.

Reed Timmer and the gang from will be out there will all 3 Dominators. In addition to showing off the vehicles. we’ll have a discussion on the field about the perils of storm chasing and how it can come down to a life or death situation. I will probably take a somewhat harder edge with my questions to Reed in light of everything that has happened in the last couple of weeks. I want to make sure the kids and parents that attend the show recognize that this can be a serious business in many cases.

The night before the show, Reed has agreed to appear at our KC AMS meeting. This meeting is open to the public and you are invited to attend. It will be held at Ameristar Casino on Tuesday evening the 11th and it starts @ 6PM with a social hour, then dinner will be @ 6:30 and Reed will talk at 7:30 or so. As mentioned this is open to anyone wishing to learn more about what Reed has been doing lately and I’m sure there will be some talk about the sad events of the last couple of weeks regarding Moore and El Reno.

For more information about this please go to our KC AMS/NWA webpage for pricing etc. This meeting is NOT free but the cost is very minimal if you’re not eating the buffet dinner. We need to have a accurate headcount before the meeting occurs so IF you are going to come we need to know 1) will you be there for the dinner portion or 2) will you be there only for the speaking part. Please RSVP to David @

As far as the weather goes, there is a nice area of rain affecting areas south of the I-70 corridor this AM. This is associated with a cluster of storms that came out of the western Plains overnight and has held together. The bulk of the rain is located from KC southwards.

Radar loops show a twist to the back edge of the rain in SE KS. This is the remnant MCV or Mesoscale Convective Vortex.

The rain chances will be highest through lunch and then fade during the afternoon. Clouds should also thin out later today and we should make it back into the 70s during the afternoon

We should be getting out of the rainy (for some) pattern tonight into tomorrow as the flow aloft turns more towards the NW…temperatures tomorrow should again bounce into the 70s, assuming we get enough sunshine.

The month of June thus far has started out cool, and much like the period from late February on, it;s been a struggle for above average temperatures for more than a few days at a time. So fart his month, we’re running close to 8° below average. Granted we’re not even a week into the month but that’s pretty impressive for June at least.

There are some indications that we may try to warm up a bit next week (in time for Summer School Day) but the latest EURO tries to build a weak ridge and then starts flattening it down again later in the week. Here is a look at the high temperature anomalies over the next 10 days…it seems we try to get warm…then sort of average out.

ScreenHunter_10 Jun. 05 09.12

Click on that image to make it larger.

This type of pattern favors MCS’s (Mesoscale Convective Systems) that typically form in the Plains west or NW of the region in the evening and roll towards the ESE or SE. It’s impossible to say if we’ll be the target of this activity and it can be a very wet pattern for us if things set up perfectly. By the same token this can happen farther north was well and totally miss us. I just want this to be on your radar for next week. I’ve seen far to many cases in the past where the maps look warm for temperatures, but the heat is consistently knocked down and pushed west by these complexes that occur on an almost daily basis.

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