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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Rare wind gusts have the potential to cause a lot of headaches, and damage, across the Kansas City region Wednesday.

It could also cause some bumpy, and possibly turbulent, times for anyone flying through the Kansas City area. But that’s where metro airports expect the issues to end.

The Lee’s Summit municipal airport moved the small airplanes that are normally parked outside into hangers before the windy weather arrived. The city said it was just a precaution and doesn’t anticipate the wind interfering with airport operations.

It’s a similar story at Johnson County Executive Airport. Employees are keeping an eye on the anemometer as winds blow through.

According to Larry Peet, Deputy Director of Johnson County Airport Commission, jet and turboprop planes that use the airport will likely be able to handle the strong winds. He said it’s the smaller piston aircraft that are impacted the most when wind gusts top 40 mph.

The Charles B. Wheeler Downtown and KCI Airports also don’t expect the gusty winds to impact travel.

“Wind speeds are high today, generally out of the south/southwest. This means our runway configuration at Kansas City International Airport (MKC) and Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport (MKC) can accommodate arriving and departing air traffic with no extreme crosswind landing conditions,” Joe McBride, KC Aviation Department, said.

Pilots are told to take off and land into the wind for maximum lift and control, according to McBride. So far air traffic controllers haven’t reported any issues because of the wind.

Kansas City’s Aviation Department said it also notified airlines and other companies at the airport about the high wind warning and asked them to secure any equipment at the airfield to make sure it didn’t blow away.

KCI Airport said travelers should check its website to make sure flights are on time before heading to the airport as a precaution.