KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City has broken the daily record for the lowest temperature on April 26.

Tuesday morning, the temperature dropped to 33-degrees Fahrenheit, breaking the old record of 34-degrees set in 2008.

In 1989, the record high for April 26 reached 92-degrees, while the normal maximum temperature is 68-degrees and the normal low is 47-degrees.

On Tuesday, Kansas City was in a Freeze Warning until 9 a.m. with the temperatures dropping as low as they did.

For the rest of April, the record lows do not vary much:

  • April 27 – 32-degrees
  • April 28 – 33-degrees
  • April 29 – 34-degrees
  • April 30 – 31-degrees

St. Joseph also broke the daily record low when it dropped to 29-degrees at 5 a.m.. The old record was set in 2018 when it dropped to 31.

Kirksville dropped to 31-degrees at 1 a.m. breaking their previous record low of 32-degrees set in 1950.