KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On the final day of a weeklong Excessive Heat Warning, Kansas City hit triple digits.

For the first time in over a year, Kansas City’s high temperature on Friday was 100 degrees.

The high temperature at KCI reached 103 degrees Friday, officially making it the hottest day in Kansas City in 11 years, going back to Aug. 7, 2012.

The city’s official temperature is recorded at Kansas City International Airport, so while other parts of the metro might have already seen 100 or higher, Friday’s high is the one that counts.

Kansas City has flirted with 100 degrees several times this summer, hitting 99 degrees in July and 98 degrees twice this past week.

But the last time Kansas City’s high was 100 degrees was over a year ago.

Twice in August 2022 (on Aug. 2 and Aug. 6) the high temperature recorded at Kansas City International Airport was 100 degrees. On July 23, 2022, Kansas City even hit 101.

Now that we’ve seen triple digits again, Kansas City-area residents can expects some relief.

The FOX4 Weather Team is tracking a cold front coming through the Midwest this weekend. It will bring temperatures down to the 80s and widespread rain through Kansas City on Saturday and possibly Sunday.