KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Sticker shock in the form of a Spire Energy bill is greeting some residents in Kansas City.

Monthly gas bills began appearing in mailboxes and inboxes this week, the same time a second rate increase on Spire’s natural gas took effect.

The company has warned customers for months that higher bills were on the way, but the reality is now in black and white.

For example, a customer living in Jackson County’s 64064 zip code just received a Spire bill for $173.65. Billing records show the price is more than twice what the customer paid compared to a year ago.

Another bill in Kansas City’s 64114 zip code increased 75%, from $62.38 to $109.28 year to year.

In November, the Missouri Public Service Commission approved a rate increase for Spire West customers, which includes the Kansas City area. The increase took effect Nov. 29.

Spire said the November hike was to pay for the cost of natural gas from wholesale suppliers.

The company told FOX4 Thursday that the higher bills are likely because it was colder and people used more gas in November than they did a year ago.

It’s possible that the higher bills will continue next month when customers see the impact of Spire’s second rate increase. It was implemented on Dec. 26, so it hasn’t caused the increase on bills.

Earlier this year, Spire predicted the two rate hikes would add about $18 a month to a customer’s bottom line.