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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Snarled traffic, slippery streets, and piles of snow will be reality in Kansas City in the coming months, but the city said it’s ready to tackle the wintry weather with a new plan.

Kansas City’s public works department outlined changes it implemented last year during the city council’s meeting Thursday afternoon. Those changes include plowing 24 hours a day and plowing from curb to curb on residential streets. Those changes will also be followed this winter.

The city also told council members that it hired 100 additional drivers and have 50 new snow removal trucks for this snow season. The public works department also said it had a plan to salt more before a storm arrives to help keep the roads drivable.

When it comes to dealing with ice, the public works department told city council that it switched to a product called “Ice Ban.” It’s supposed to be more effective at melting ice and is effective at lower temperatures. The product also claims to be less corrosive and less harmful to the environment.

The snowplows are also equipped with new technology that will help drivers with routing and provide tracking information for each truck.

On top of the equipment, the department is adding a daily meeting during storms to discuss operations among employees.

As of Thursday, the department has 370 drivers, 40,000 tons of salt, and another 10,000 tons of salt in reserves for 2022.

Orientation for new drivers begins this weekend. Crews will also begin mounting snow equipment on trucks and practicing plow routes.