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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City could shatter records Wednesday when it comes to high temperatures as we’re expected to warm up into the 70s. But the bigger story will likely be how windy it’s going to be.

If you thought it was windy Tuesday, that was child’s play compared to the gusts we’ll see Wednesday.

A rare High Wind Warning has been issued for Wednesday for most of the Kansas City area. The metro was already under a high wind watch, issued earlier this week.

High Wind Warning for Wednesday in Kansas City
High Wind Warning for Wednesday in Kansas City

Some counties to the south and east of the metro are under a Wind Advisory, but it will still be windy in those areas.

By Wednesday morning, wind gusts are expected to be in excess of 40 mph. Throughout most of the day, 40-50 mph wind speeds are likely.

By the afternoon and evening, we’re expecting wind gusts around 50-60 mph!

Wind gusts in Kansas City area Wednesday
Wind gusts in Kansas City area Wednesday

All this strong wind could be problematic for old, damaged trees, power outages and even driving.

A cold front will move in Wednesday night behind a band of rain showers and thunderstorms. We’re not expecting anything severe with that system, but it will cool us down for the second half of the week and the weekend.

Wednesday night rain, storms