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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With the first day of winter just a few days away, the question is always: Will we get a lot of snow this year?

Factors across the nation, and even the world, lead the FOX4 Weather Team to a winter forecast for Kansas City. But there are some signs from nature and also a bit of weather folklore that can give some hints at what’s to come.

We can look at how different animals and insects, including the famous wooly worms, are behaving.

Wooly worms take on three different colors — either white, black or orange. A white wooly worm indicates a snowy winter ahead. An all black wooly worm means it will be a harsh, cold winter. An orange one would indicate a mild winter.

Those interested in weather folklore also like to dissect how furry these worms are, so the furrier the worm, the colder it’s going to be as well.

But if you see a wooly worm that’s a mix of colors — black and orange, for example — that would indicate a mild start, middle or finish, depending on how the critter’s stripes line up.

Many viewers told the FOX4 Weather Team they’ve spotted a lot of all black wooly worms this year, so based on that theory, we’re in for a harsh, cold winter.

Many also check on the local trees, including persimmon trees and the seeds inside their fruit. Those seeds are cut open lengthwise to see what they’re predicting.

Inside you’ll see three “utensils.” If the inside of your persimmon seed looks like a knife, the folklore indicates we’re in for a cold, harsh winter ahead. If you get a spoon, get ready for a snowy season. Last, if you find a fork, that means it will be mild.

FOX4 viewers said they’ve seen spoons and knives so far. See what FOX4’s Karli Ritter finds when she cuts open a few seeds in the video player above.