Potential tropical cyclone formed in the Atlantic


KANSAS CITY, Mo.– Taking a break from the seemingly endless days of rain to focus on something else way far away from Kansas City: the tropics. Even though our area is nowhere close to the ocean or Gulf of Mexico, we can still get heavy rain from a dying tropical cyclone from time to time. And if you or someone you know is planning a vacation getaway to the Gulf Coast, you’ll want to pay attention over the next week or so.

Current stats of 2021 Atlantic Hurricane season: 4 tropical storms, 0 hurricanes

The 2021 Atlantic Hurricane season started on June 1, and once again, we got off to a hot start. We’ve already had Ana (formed on May 22, 10 days before the official start of the season), Bill, Claudette, and Danny, the latest storm forming quickly off the South Carolina coast Monday before fading away over Georgia and Alabama Tuesday. Now, all is quiet as of Wednesday, but another storm is soon to be named. The latest area to watch is way out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, about 1,300 miles away from the nearest land, but has its sights set on the Lesser Antilles, before drifting into the Caribbean Sea.

With the high chance of having a new Atlantic storm, what may be “Elsa” could be the earliest fifth Atlantic storm on record.

UPDATE: As of 4 PM CDT Wednesday, the National Hurricane Center has started issuing advisories on the “area to watch”, now named Potential Tropical Cyclone Five. It could still be called “Elsa” today or early tomorrow.

Initial track suggests a WNW movement into the Caribbean Sea before moving slightly north towards Cuba and into the Gulf of Mexico while maintaining Tropical Storm strength early next week.

Forecasted track of PTC 5 as of 4 PM CDT Wednesday. Courtesy: NHC

We’ll keep you updated as new information comes out over the next two days. Continue to check back for updates if you or someone you know is planning travel down towards the Gulf of Mexico over the next week or two!

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