Not a completely rainy Sunday

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It’s probably been a welcome sight for most of us: widespread rain that wasn’t too heavy on radar for once.  Yes, I know there are some exceptions.  If you had an outdoor event this morning, this probably wasn’t idea.  The line of storms what moved through Trenton and Chillicothe also packed a brief punch.  All is well, though.  We’re not going to completely rain out your Sunday.

Most of the rain is expected to trend off to the east with the back edge of the cloud cover slowly working in by the early afternoon.  Will this be a completely sunny afternoon?  For most of us, the answer is no.  But once the sun does come out in any capacity, it’s going to be steamy.

We’ll fight that early cloud cover, but our rain threat is basically over by the afternoon.  I can’t rule out a very isolated storm later in the afternoon, but I think the majority of us remain dry the rest of Sunday.

Don’t be caught off guard by how sticky and hot it’s going to feel later today.  Temperatures will stay short of 90 as a whole, but in areas where there’s a bit more clearing, it’s going to feel like it’s over 100 this afternoon.  Enjoy your Sunday and try to stay dry and/or cool.

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