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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The National Weather Service said preliminary damage shows an EF-2 tornado damaged Northeast Jackson County near Buckner early Wednesday morning.

The NWS said it was the second tornado to hit overnight.

The tornado near Buckner left behind a nine mile path, was 200 yards wide, and had winds up to 115 mph.

That’s in addition to an EF-1 tornado the NWS said hit Johnson County and then traveled into Jackson County at about the same time.

A survey team with the weather service spent part of the day assessing the damage across both counties. The team said it focused on the area from 95th Street in Lenexa to Buckner in the eastern part of Jackson County.

The NWS said the smaller tornado’s track was on the ground for 14 miles and was 125 yards wide at its largest point.

The survey team said the EF-1 tornado had wind speeds of 100 mph.

The weather service said it is continue to assess the damage and expects to have additional results this afternoon.