OLATHE, Kan. — It may be sunny and warm in Phoenix, but two honorary members of the Kansas City Chiefs are taking care of business here at home.

Olathe renamed one of its snow plows.

Formerly Tyreek Chill, the plow hit the streets this winter as Isiah “Plowcheco.” People in Olathe hope Plowcheco continues to clear snow from streets as fast as Isiah Pacheco can run into the end zone.

Isiah “Plowcheco” joins Travis Kelsleet and the rest of Olathe’s snowplow fleet, including:

  • Betty Whiteout
  • Scoop Dogg
  • Sled Lasso
  • Big Leplowski
  • Plowabunga
  • Lord Coldemort
  • Snow Place Like Home
  • Snow Big Deal
  • Melton John
  • Lightning McClean

All the plows hit the roads in Olathe early Thursday morning, tackling the 2 inch snowfall in the city.

The blanket of snow certainly sent city officials and plow drivers scrambling in the early morning.

Crews treated bridges first before moving on to city streets. Plows will continue to work until all streets are cleared, according to the city.

Sean Phelps was in the drivers seat of one of those snow plows. He’s been a Chiefs fan his whole life, and when the city started giving its plows fun names, he knew the ones he wanted to drive.

“We kind of all saw them, and we all kind of walked in and said, ‘We want that one or we want that one.’ So ‘Travis Kelsleet’ is actually a coworker’s of mine. I’m in it today. We also have another one, Isiah ‘Plowcheco,’ which is actually mine,” Phelps said.

He’s thankful there’s no snow in the forecast this Sunday when the Chiefs play the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII.

“Nope, no snow in the forecast Sunday, but you never know,” said Chad Courtois, Olathe’s street maintenance superintendent.

But it’s happened before.

“The last time the Chiefs were in the Super Bowl, that day we had to work,” Phelps said.

Phelps has even had to sell some of his Chiefs season tickets because of anticipated snow.

“He’s the one you’re afraid to tell, ‘Hey, have you looked at the forecast? It may snow this weekend,'” Courtois said.

“Sometimes it’s not our favorite thing. It’s part of the job though,” Phelps said.

During larger snow storms, residents in Olathe can track plow progress online through the city’s website.