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Kansas City, MO- We run into a lot of these meteor shower events over the course of a year, but they’re not all the same. I try not to really make a big deal of the ones I don’t think you’ll be able to see or aren’t worth your time.

I think this one is likely worth your time if you’re someone who enjoys these meteor showers. Much like we say with almost every one of these: you need to get away from city lights.  The more wide open sky and darker, the better. Our peak nights for this are from Aug 11-13. That doesn’t mean you won’t see them in the nights leading up or the nights after, either. They’ll originate from the NE part of the sky, but travel all over. You really don’t need to find a specific spot to look. The other key component is some of these happen when there is a bright full moon. We have a waning crescent and it sets around 9, so light pollution from that won’t be a factor.

There may be a few complexes of thunderstorms around the area that fizzle out and leave some cloud cover around. This won’t be an overcast situation but it’s something to note if you’re going to plan on staying up or getting up early. It’s not a guarantee you’re going to see 60 every hour but I think the conditions are favorable for this to be one of our best meteor showers in a while.