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KANSAS CITY, Mo.– The trend over the last several weeks has been a warm and dry one. And Wednesday was the epitome of that trend! On Wednesday, KC’s high temperature was 64 degrees, with upper 60s found on the Kansas side.

For Thursday, even warmer weather is expected as more sunshine and a southwest wind persist.

And it’s likely that records will be rewritten by the afternoon. The old record for Dec. 2 is 70 degrees, set back in 1956.

We’re expecting to reach 72 this Thursday, which would easily put us over that record.

We’ll be on Record Watch for tomorrow!

By the way, looking back on the other record high temperatures recorded in early December, quite a few first place finishes (or 2nd and 3rd place spots) have come from the 21st century. So abnormally warm December weather isn’t exactly out of the ordinary in recent years.

There has been plenty of warmth throughout the month of December in the past couple of decades. Credit: ThreadEx

Just look at the Midwest region as a whole, everyone should be enjoying readings well above normal for the next few days.

For Thursday, cities across Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa could see high temperatures that are 25-35 degrees warmer than average!

Expected departures from normal for Thursday.

A 15-25 degree difference could be found Friday:

Expected departures from normal for Friday.

Saturday will likely be a “more normal” day after a cold front moves through the area, sending us back to reality throughout the region:

A warmer-than-normal start to December may continue into the middle of the month, even as cooler is expected for this weekend and next week. We’ll keep you updated here at FOX4!