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So this plunge in temperatures will be sticking around for the long haul, especially this week with even colder air coming in this weekend. With this extreme air mass in place, it’s important to reiterate cold weather safety.

First off, please dress appropriately! With highs struggling just to get to 15 degrees every day this week (and struggling to get to 10 degrees this weekend), multiple layers will be needed when outside for any amount of time.

When you leave the house, you should be dressing like the woman in the far right side of the above tweet. A good winter hat, thick gloves, a couple pairs of water-resistant pants, and a few layers on top are what you need. Same for the kids as well.

Second, take care of your pets. It should go without saying that your pets can’t be outside for very long in this kind of cold. Even with their fur, your dogs and cats can’t last much longer than us humans. Take care of them; keep them inside as much as possible. Have dog sweaters ready to go during outdoor bathroom time.

Winds chills as of 11:54 AM Monday the 8th.

With a little bit of wind in this cold environment, frostbite and hypothermia become a little bit more of a risk. Luckily, with these wind chill numbers on Monday, it’d take closer to an hour to be under any substantial risk of frostbite. However, we’re expecting another, reinforcing shot of colder air Friday and this weekend.

Possible wind chills this Friday morning. Similar numbers for the weekend mornings.

Wind chills between 0 and -15 degrees this week may fall to the -15 to -30 degree range over the weekend as actual air temperatures will plunge below zero for most. Frostbite times come up in this situation to around 30 minutes.

And do whatever you can to keep your home protected as well. Drip the faucets, add some insulation, cover up drafts underneath doorways, etc.

After the reinforcing shot of arctic air this weekend, don’t expect the temperatures to warm back up to 32 any time soon.

Climate Prediction Center temperature outlook through Feb. 21st

We may climb into the 20s by the middle of next week, but the low 30s and some melting probably won’t happen until the 18th or 19th at the earliest. We’ll be watching for any sign of a sooner, much-needed warm-up.

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