School Day at the K!

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Well it’s finally(!) here. After months of planning and meetings, the big show put together by Chief Meteorologist Mike Thompson has arrived. We’re expecting close to 10,000 kids at Kauffman Stadium, and while the lower bowl will be jam-packed, the crowd will actually be down a bit this year.

Why? Well, because so many schools are either done for the year or wrapping up in the next couple of days. In actuality, the event should have been a couple of weeks ago when the Royals were in town on May 5. They were playing the Yankees and they didn’t want to switch that game to a day game and potentially lose the gate, I guess — or at least that’s my opinion.

It’s interesting to note that other stations have copied the program and given it to students in other cities. Of course, nothing to the scale that we do — not even close. It’s a great way that students can learn about astronomy, meteorology and even a little chemistry. We try to get it all in there in the time that we have. Our huge science experiments make the grounds crew shudder because we never know how the field is going to turn out afterward. (Hey, it’s only grass right?) It’s quite the show!

PICTURES: 2012 School Day at the “K”

Many don’t remember that the show actually started indoors at Johnson County Community College. Back then, we actually did three shows in one day. A morning show, an afternoon show and an evening show. To tell you the truth, I actually liked those shows more, only because it was a great venue, the size of the audience was more intimate, if you will, and I liked the idea of improving things from one show to another. Over the years, though, we just couldn’t squeeze in additional shows to support all the requests so we took it to a larger venue, and now we draw 10,000 to 20,000 students per year. As a matter of fact, it’s the largest group attendance ticket sales in all of MLB year in and year out!

We have lots of pictures posted on and we’ll be doing live shots out there all morning, noon and again later this afternoon to tell you how things have gone and show you moments from the show. In the next few months we’ll be condensing the show down into a 30-60 minute TV show that you can watch in the comfort of your living room with your children during the summer!

Weather Forecast

From a weather standpoint, nothing really has changed in the data and the rain chance on Sunday is still there, I don’t think it will be an all-day type thing, but have a plan B ready especially in the AM and mid PM hours. Hopefully we’ll get the eclipse in as the clouds move away. For what it MAY look like, check out

For the Missouri side…

And for the Kansas side…

Again since this a a SOLAR eclipse, you shouldn’t view it by looking directly at it or staring at it. I guess there is some discussion that since this is happening at sunset it may not be as bad for your eyes. My suggestion is not to take the risk of retinal burning. Take proper safety measures to watch the eclipse safely!

Have a great day and be on the lookout for School Day pictures etc.


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