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While this weekend is much warmer than the last, and we’re discussing some rain in the forecast for Saturday night into Sunday, I won’t focus on that much.  A stronger storm that’s developing to our west has got our attention already.  This system will race into the Rockies and strengthen as it works its way into the Plains states.  The result?  A massive shift in our weather pattern.

One of the things you’ll notice to begin the week is how much it feels like spring already.  With warmer temperatures not only during the day time, but overnight as well, a lot of plants will begin to bloom and allergy sufferers will really feel it.  On the bright side, it’s going to be an excellent start to the week!  Full sunshine and temperatures in the mid 70s every day is going to feel great.  But notice how I’ve highlighted temperatures by Wednesday afternoon.  As some locations in central Kansas may touch 80 degrees, look at that very sharp contrast in cold air behind it!

This sharp contrast in temperatures with this stronger area of low pressure developing is going to provide areas in the Midwest with an opportunity for severe weather Wednesday into Thursday of this week.  Do we have specifics on which areas in the metro are going to be impacted more than others?  Absolutely not.  We’re still about 4 days out from this system affecting us.  There are a few signals that are giving us clues what to expect.  You can follow  Joe’s Weather World for a more in depth look on this system on the days leading up to Wednesday.  One thing that looks a virtual certainty: it’s going to be MUCH colder behind this front, and we’re heading for another freeze by the end of the week

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