Snow Decreasing and Moving Away

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Good evening:

10:30 Update: Snow now starting to fade as the heaviest snow is off towards the east of the metro. Accums thus far are in the dusting to 1/2″ range. The roads are messy as expected. For those well off to the east/SE of KC without snow yet…it’s coming and you may get a bit more than here in KC proper, maybe upwards of 1″ or so. Again, watch those roads! Blustery weather expected tomorrow and temperatures between 20-25° with wind chills near 0° in the AM and near 10° in the PM. Have a great night. This will be the last update I think for the evening. I hope the weather blog helped you plan out your day a little and also allowed you to know what was coming and how to prepare for the icy roads.


At 8PM radar is showing a nice band of decent light to at times almost moderate snow moving into the west side of the KC metro area. The snow will continue to overspread the region over the next couple of hours and will pick up in intensity compared to the flurries or slight stuff we’ve had so far.

There are two bands of snow, one that I talked about stretching from near Leavenworth thru W Wyandotte Co to Ottawa and moving eastwards. There is another band from NE of Manhattan to near Falls City, NE.

This will be the “main” part of the snow event that is going to affect our area overnight tonight. I really haven’t changed my opinion in terms of everything that I talked about all day long. Again, let’s watch for melting and refreezing on the roads from now through early tomorrow AM. Road crews will be getting out over the next couple of hours and with so much road treatment stockpiled, I’m sure they’ll get those roads treated well. It should be noted that untreated roads may have some real issues in a couple of more hours, at first NW of the metro, then in the metro then SE of the metro as the night moves along.

So far accumulations in the St Joe area are about a dusting. The roads though are getting wet and with air temperatures now in the mid 20s, the road temperatures are approaching freezing, especially bridges and overpasses. So again pay attention to the changing road conditions over the next few hours as the “heavier” snows move through the region. It may become very slick in areas around the region, as a matter of fact now we’re getting more than a few reports of slick streets, especially west of the metro.

The new data doesn’t isn’t really showing any significant changes from what the forecast has been calling for.

Also a good reminder to follow @fox4wx for the latest road condition retweets and more updates on the weather.


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