Snow Leaves…Sun Arrives


unlike most, Bentley is enjoying the snow drifts!

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This blog will be a short one, as sleep is going to take priority in a little while, assuming my cats let me get a couple of hours of shut-eye. That’s usually the time they decide they want to be entertained. I got about 90 min. of sleep last night before the end of the EURO model run and the beginning of the sleet storm that moved through, ushering in the snowstorm that moved through the region this AM.

One of the great things about a rapidly moving system is that if the timing works out, skies clear out quickly and that is happening off to the immediate west of KC and will happen in the metro over the next couple of hours. One of my most favorite things is looking at the black and white visible satellite picture showing snow on the ground. There is a bunch out there and with the winds out of the NW and gusting to about 35+ MPH that air is being blown over a now extensive snowfield that will continue to hold temperatures in the 20s for the rest of the day.

Here is the picture that I was referring to.


That black line represents the clearing line that is moving towards the east at a very nice pace.

At 10AM here is a look at the surface map, the numbers in RED are the temperatures and you can clearly see how the cold winds are blowing over the snowfield.

Those winds are all from the NW and blowing towards the SE. the circulation center of the storm is near the Quincy, IL area and moving away.

With the snow on the ground, tonight may see temperatures crater into the single digits depending on the winds dropping off. IF we went calm I’d be concerned with lows plunging to near 0° but I don’t think that will happen.

I’ve been asked about the chances of a White Christmas. My thinking is that the snow we have here in the metro will be melting a lot over the next few days. We have about 2-3″ of snow on the ground and while I guess it might be possible that some shaded areas may still have snow ont he ground on Christmas day, I ‘m still not hopeful that THIS snow will linger long help the cause. The next question is whether or not a new storm will help out the cause. The timing is still not great for Christmas Day, but there will be some sort of storm moving through the Southern Plains region it appears later Christmas night. at this point the modelling has been all over the place, ranging from us getting nailed later Christmas night with snow to absolutely nothing happening with any storm forming well south and then east of the region. Today’s data isn’t that much more encouraging.

Since there is a storm on the playing field through and since things can change rapidly, I’ll continue to hold those chances from Tuesday.

white xmas

Finally another note. The forecast for cloud cover over the weekend may get tricky as the melting snow will contribute low level moisture to the bottom few thousand feet of the atmosphere. This moisture could take the form of cloud cover and with warmer air aloft and a lack of wind, we may set the stage for the dreaded winter inversion where we get stuck in low clouds for big chunks of the day. That remains to be seen but will need to be analyzed especially for SAT/SUN.

There are still a ton of accidents out there even though the falling snow has moved away. Roads are icy and temperatures are only in the lower 20s. There is still a lot of RED out there according to the web page.

ScreenHunter_12 Dec. 20 10.34

if you can, give it another few hours to allow the crews to keep getting conditions better and the chemicals to work harder.

I’ve got to say, I’ve worked more on this vacation of mine than in any other one in the past. Lot’s of blogs and interesting storms/changes to track. I may take the day off tomorrow…for real.

Be careful out there and now it’s time to shovel….then it’s time for a nap!


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