Solving Sunday’s snowfall equation

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — We’re following four models, but only one solution is correct… choose wisely! No, this is not a line from the upcoming Star Wars film, but a sample of what we’re looking at when it comes to forecasting solutions for this weekend’s snow.  One thing you’ll notice in the video above: Snow is a common solution this weekend.  How much of that “wintry mix” pushes in will affect our totals.

At this point, I’m expecting snowfall intensity to ramp up as we head into the late morning and early afternoon hours Sunday.  With temperatures well below freezing, sticking to the roads will be an issue right away.  Notice the mix of precipitation to the south.  I’ve watched this line creep up further north over the last 24 hours.  There are some indications sleet and freezing rain may mix in early on, and that could impact snow totals.

A second heavy burst of snow is possible as well during the early hours of Monday morning.  With temperatures in the low 20s, I think this is when the roads get the most slick as we transition fully to snow across the region.

A very rough estimate of what we can expect from Sunday to Monday midday provides a wide swath of 2-5″ of snow.  With the second burst of snow expected early Monday, there will also be a wide area of 5-7″ snowfall totals as well.  Totals to the north will be lighter because that heavy band of snow looks to stay around the I-70 corridor.  Totals south? Lighter because there’s more of a wintry mix initially.  I’ll refine this map throughout the weekend and we’ll keep you posted as things are updated.

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