Strong storms to disrupt Friday evening as cold front moves through KC Metro


It’s been a relatively nice day throughout the area with limited cloud cover, but we’re Weather Aware heading into this evening as storms that develop are likely to be on the strong/severe side.

A cold front is slowly working its way into the metro area.  It doesn’t look like much, but as it gets closer, storms are set to develop over a more favorable environment.

This cold front is a bit more evident when you look at the current temperatures as we are close to 90 if not exceeding it in some cases.

Our initial line of storms looks to develop some time between 6-7 p.m. as it looks right now.  The initial line of development looks to be the best opportunity for severe weather to develop.

Intensity and coverage look to continue as the front moves through the metro area.  Basically, the later the evening goes along, the more likely you’re going to run into some heavy rain and thunderstorms.  This is why many of the high school football games are earlier or were moved to a different day.

If you still have a game, or evening plans in general, the likelihood that you’re going to run into rain is pretty good at this point.  Temperatures will fall behind the front as heavy rain continues to fall.  Storm intensity continues to wind down, but the rain looks to hold together for some of us into the overnight hours.

A few lingering showers are possible Saturday as well, but as the evening continues, better opportunities for strong to severe storms return in the evening.

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