Take 2: Severe storms possible this afternoon for some in KC region

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I titled this article “Take 2” because a lot of you probably woke up and didn’t see any rain and got mad at us. That’s fine, we get it.

The underlying reason a lot of you are upset is the lack of rain we’ve had recently. I’ll try to explain briefly below, but you can watch my short video forecast for an explanation as well.

The complex of thunderstorms that was expected to hold together overnight and give us early Saturday rain and then cloud cover for a good majority of the day didn’t hold together.

As it fizzled out, it allowed us to get sunny and left minor boundaries with it as well. These areas will be a focal point for development along the main front later today. All is not lost!

But once again, this will NOT be a widespread rain!

As a result of this, the Storm Prediction Center has placed us under the “Enhanced” risk for severe weather later this afternoon and evening. That’s the 3rd of 5 categories they issue these products for.

After 3 PM, I expect clouds to build with isolated storms developing at this point as well.  Between 4-6 PM specifically, these widely scattered storms that develop will have the potential to be severe.

Don’t be surprised if there is some sort of Severe Thunderstorm Watch issued later this afternoon. You’ll notice how widely scattered the development is as well. Not everyone is going to get this rain, but if you do, it will pack a punch!

Damaging wind gusts in excess of 60 mph and larger hail are the main threats this afternoon and evening. Localized flooding will also be a concern in some areas as well.

Our tornado threat is not 0, but it’s a very low threat in comparison to the other areas of concern.

Rain totals by the end of this thing will widely vary! Some of us could get nothing (again,) while some areas may receive over an inch!

Don’t get hung up on the locations from the rain above, just the message.  These storms will be widely scattered this afternoon and evening.  We’ll keep you posted with any updates.

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