The Lack Of Snowfall

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2PM Update…

Records are falling all over the place across the upper Midwest. Minot, ND is @ 62° which is an ALL-time record high. Grand Forks and Fargo also set record highs today. In SD, bith Sioux Falls and East Rapid City set records today and other cities in the upper midwest may get in on the act before the day is done. KCI is now in the 60s which is the 6th time that we’ve been in the 60s on JAN 5th in our weather history. Finally, St Joe has established a new record…62° @ 2PM

This will all temporarily end next week. As early as Wednesday a strong front will sweep away the mild air and replace it with much colder weather for a couple of days. It’s very possible that we may see highs only in the 20s next THU (13th) and also be chilly on Friday. The airmass coming into the area for a couple of days later next week will be a cold one, but for January standards not that awful. Also the potential for the coldest lows of the season are also showing up. The issue will be for folks who are getting so used to the “mild” stuff, it will certainly feel a lot colder. There may be a  brief moderation before another strong shot of colder weather comes in around the 15th or so. It certainly appears that the last half of the month will be more entertaining for us weather nuts as the Arctic air will be much closer to KC for  the 2nd part of the month as opposed to where it is right now…and for that matter where it’s been. More on that coming up on the blog tomorrow.

Back to this AM’s update….

The other day I promised a more thorough review of the dates of the 1st 1″ of snowfall during the winter season, when we hadn’t already received it through December 31st. So with our weather today threatening record highs (again) and mild weather expected for the next 5 days till the middle of next week I thought that it would be a good time to revisit this and also to point out (again) with more concrete data how much of the country is going through a snow “drought”.

So here is a list compiled using the Fox 4 Weather Almanac showing the years and the dates of the 1st 1″ snowfall when we went OCT-DEC w/o any 1″ snows…


2006-07: 1/20

2002-03: 1/15

2001-02: 1/18

1988-89: 2/5

1979-80: 1/26

1976-77: 1/2

1954-55: 1/18

1947-48: 1/1

1946-47: 1/2

1933-34: 2/24

1930-31: 3/6 (Latest on record)

1922-23: 2/10

1920-21: 1/13

1916-17: 1/15

1912-13: 1/7

1900-01: 2/2

1896-97: 1/2

See this previous blog for information about the season snow totals when the 1st inch of snow waited so long to occur.

Meanwhile the snow drought continues for many parts of the country. There was some nice lake effect snows across parts of the Great Lakes and OH Valley but for many cities, thus far, as I’ve written extensively about, there is a snow drought going on right now. Here is a decent sampling of cities, their totals so far, and their (snow deficits) through today.

Columbia, MO: 1.3″ (-5″)

Kansas City: .1″ (-6.9″)

St Louis: 2.0″ (-3.7″)

Chicago: 1.9″ (-9.5″)

Des Moines: 5.7″ (-7.2″)

Denver: 29.5″ (NA)

Goodland, KS: 11.4″ (-1.9″)

Dodge City: 6.5″ (-.6″)

Minneapolis: 10.3″ (-12.6″)

Green Bay: 6.3″ (-12.6″)

Detroit: 6.7″ (-6.1″)

Indianapolis: 3.2″ (-5.9″)

Paducah, KY: .3″ (-2.4″)

Hastings, NE: 9.4″ (-1″)

Little Rock: 1.6″ (+1.3″)

Amarillo: 9.7″ (+2.8″)

International Falls, MN: 21.5″ (-11.7″)

Marquette, MI: 55″ (-23.4″)

North Platte, NE: 4.5″ (-7″)

Rapid City: 17.6″ (+3.9″)

Sioux Falls: .5″ (-17.3″)

Buffalo,, NY: 5.2″ (-34.6″)

Cleveland: 10.6″ (-10.4″)

Alpena, MI: 7.9″ (-22″)

Columbus, OH: .9″ (-6.4″)

Bismarck, ND: 3.9″ (-18″)

Fargo: 3.9″ (-17.5″)

Some of those deficits are pretty stunning especially in upstate NY and through parts of MI.

Have a great day and enjoy our near record highs…the record btw is 68° set in 1956


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