KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Thousands of homes in the Kansas City metro were without power as storms passed through Tuesday morning.

According to Evergy’s outage map, neighborhoods in the Northland saw over 5,000 customers combined without power. To the south, another near 2,000 were without power near Bannister and Blue River roads.

In Johnson County, several hundred customers were without power in Shawnee and other northern parts of the county.

The utility company said at a peak, about 20,000 customers were without power around the KC area Tuesday. By 2 p.m. that number was under 900.

Still, it was a frustrating morning for many Kansas City-area families.

Playing Mario Kart is easy, but try playing it inside the house with no air conditioning and no way to charge your Nintendo DS.

Even though 9-year-old Serenity Squires didn’t want to kick off her summer like this, she had her games to keep her occupied.

“But what if those run out?” Serenity said. “What if we are done with those things? I’d have nothing to do.”

That was the predicament for the 9-year-old and thousands of other people when storms took out her home’s electricity.

“I was so scared,” Serenity said. “It sounded like bam ka-boom. It sounded like the world was going to explode.”

When many people woke up, they were without power.

“Not much, we just been sitting and talking,” said Steve Mason, who was also without power. “My wife works out of the house, and I do, too.”

Storms continued throughout the morning with a break around midday. They’re forecasted to return, mostly to the south of the Kansas City metro.