We Better Get Some Rain Soon

Countdown to the Big Game! #RUNITBACK
February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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Before we get to the weather aspect of the blog, I wanted to again mention and thank all of you who joined us for School Day @ The K. I try not to get into the superlatives all that much, I’ll let you find that stuff out elsewhere in the internet world, but I my opinion that might have been our best show yet, just because of the combination of great to perfect weather, cool experiments and some additional things. There are a couple of things that we’ll tweak though for next year, including hopefully a better date (that part though is out of our control). It seems awfully silly that we’d hold our big show when school is out or almost out for so many students in the region. Hopefully next year it will be a week or two earlier.

I wanted to show you some pictures of the K before the sea of school kids got there and then afterwards…first here is our beautiful stadium BEFORE the kids got there…granted there were a handful of early arrivals.

Not let’s look at the situation AFTER the kids got there…

A look down the LF foul pole…

Now take a look at the other side of the field…

That picture turned out a bit darker but you get the point. The kids were lined up foul pole to foul pole…pretty cool and we actually we about 5K kids short of what we normally get out there because of the late date this year!

Finally here is the look from the center field wall!

Why the Royals left the seats in front of home plate empty is beyond me and something we’re going to work on for next year.

So again a BIG thank you if you spent part of your days with us. Too bad the Royals couldn’t pull the game off though.

Now onto the weather as we’re tracking a disturbance across the western part of the country that will be lifting towards the NW of the region over the weekend. This will drag a front through sometime during the 1st part of the day on Sunday and IF you’ve noticed the forecast, we really haven’t been going “bonkers” with the rain chances for Sunday despite the frontal passage. One reason why is the timing is NOT that great, coming during the 1st part of the day. 2) the amount of gulf moisture, while doable is not overwhelming at this point, 3) there may actually be a “pre-frontal” trof or wind shift line that comes through before the front itself. That feature would tend to shunt the better moisture (and it’s not great to begin with) off towards the SE of the region and 4)with the main energy lifting to the NW, it’s not ideal given the other ingredients not being overwhelming.

We’ll continue to keep that chance going…and in reality there may even be a few t/showers tomorrow AM in parts of the region, NE KS and maybe NW MO. The other story for tomorrow will be the wind…south winds are expected in the 25-40 MPH range, and assuming we don’t have a lot of trash clouds from some storms in the AM, we should pop again into the mid-upper 80s during the afternoon. On Sunday, behind the boundary, highs should drop about 5-10°

Monday and Tuesday, especially Monday, may be Top 10 Weather Days for 2012!

Then things get more convoluted heading towards the middle and end of next week…as the modeling suggests either the potential of storms/rain/severe weather (which was the case over the last couple of days, or taken today’s models into account a growing chance of prolonged heat, dryness, and humidity!

The GFS particularly has been rather persistent up until today’s run about some big Plains weather WED into the holiday weekend. Today it really(!) backed off and with agreement from other guidance available that instead of big Plains weather…not it’s big N Plains weather and BIG N Rockies weather, as our temperatures start to soar and temperatures aloft really warm up and “capping” the atmosphere. So there is somewhat growing concern on my part that if whatever happens, or doesn’t, over the weekend our chances of rainfall will get rather skimpy heading towards the holiday weekend.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget about the solar eclipse Sunday evening…we’ll see about the clouds!


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