Weather Aware Monday morning, severe weather possible


Recall what happened Saturday morning: it was our first rain in 17 days….and it was loud! Something similar is poised to happen Monday morning, and we may have a few stronger storms mixed in as well.

We’ve been watching this complex in NE this evening ahead of the cold front.  One of the main questions early on- how well does it hold together? As it’s fallen apart since the sun set, there are signs that it will redevelop as that complex draws closer to the metro.

Expect storms to take their sweet time to develop.  It may be well after 5 AM before storms start to take shape.

As these storms redevelop, this is where we could be dealing with a quick burst of gusty wind, small hail, and heavy rain.  Recent trends suggest this may even be after sunrise.

Keep in mind, these threats are marginal, but they may get your attention early on a Monday morning.  Majority of us will deal with 30-40 mph wind with a few opportunities for a 60 mph wind gusts or quarter sized hail.  That would be enough to prompt a severe thunderstorm warning and buzz your phone early on a Monday.

Most of this early Monday, especially after 6 AM.  Clearing out by the afternoon.  Join us starting at 4 AM for the latest updates from Michelle and Karli!

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