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During the noon show today I was showing some sprinkles/light showers over on the KS side towards the west of Topeka moving our way…as I type they are now in the area, although it seems that some of that activity is still evaporating in the dry air above 6000 feet or so. I’m not expecting a lot out of this, but there may be a few sprinkles/very light showers later this afternoon.

The main focus for the forecast will be the upcoming change to the weather, which in reality is going to be a seasonably strong cold front moving our way on Sunday. I say “seasonably” because while we map pop to above 50° tomorrow, the front that’s coming will knock us down into the 30s on Monday…this is supposed to happen in December, so while the front will be strong, it’s coming over bare ground to the north of here. That though will be changing somewhat over the weekend as some accumulating snow is likely, except all the way towards the N Plains states.

The map above shows the forecast snowfall accumulation well to the north of here by MON AM.

This is an interesting period of time for some Midwest cities and snow, or the lack thereof. I mentioned this in a blog this past Tuesday. Here are some of the records that are in the process or have fallen concerning a lack of snowfall.

Des Moines (today) set a record for the longest span between measurable snows at 278 days and counting.

Omaha set their record this past Wednesday with 285 days without measurable snow (now 287 and counting). Lincoln is now up to 297 days without measurable snow.

Chicago and Milwaukee will set their records over the weekend assuming what little precip they get is shutting down as the colder air spreads their way. Those are pretty impressive records.

By the way for those interested, we are up to about 273 days…and our record is 324!

In terms of the rain/snowfall situation…still NOT good. The latest GFS now has about .35″ of moisture over the next 16 days of which more than half comes from NEXT Saturday onwards…there are signs of some sort of Plains storm system next weekend but where-what-how much won’t be dealt with for several more days at least.

That’s about it for today, this weather is really uninspiring. Even December cold fronts right now aren’t, in the scheme of things all that strong. This should change over the coming weeks  and couple of months and I can see the models trying to steer us into stormier times but boy it just seems like were pulling teeth to get things to line up correctly for any real moisture whether it be rain or snow.

Finally though, I thought I’d leave you with this. It’s a nighttime shot of the USA showing the city lights that NASA released a few days ago. Pretty neat, and it’s of a higher resolution compared to the image that was before it.

How did they acquire this data…pretty interesting actually. From the NASA webpage: “This new global view and animation of Earth’s city lights is a composite assembled from data acquired by the Suomi NPP satellite. The data was acquired over nine days in April 2012 and 13 days in October 2012. It took 312 orbits to get a clear shot of every parcel of Earth’s land surface and islands. This new data was then mapped over existing Blue Marble imagery of Earth to provide a realistic view of the planet.”

If you want to see a REALLY cool animation of the entire world like this, go to their website and watch the video. It really is neat!


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