Well from a temperature standpoint, it’s been a pretty incredible few days. Tying a record high Sunday…then breaking the records on Monday and Tuesday with both days hitting 99°.

That’s remarkable really for the last half of September. As a matter of fact from the 15th onwards, we’ve never had 3 STRAIGHT days of 96°+. In a couple of other years we’ve had some hotter temperatures, even into October but they weren’t consecutive.

This all ends today, especially for areas from Downtown KC northwards as a cold front is moving through this morning…that front has regime change written all over it for later today into Friday afternoon.



Today: Increasing clouds with a couple of light showers possible this afternoon, especially north of the Metro. We should max out in the 85° range on the northside of the Metro…cooler farther north.

It will remain toasty on the south side of KC with highs approaching 95°, perhaps hotter farther south as well. Breezy in the afternoon with slowly falling temps to the 70s by later today from north to south.

Tonight: Showers are likely…into early Thursday morning. MUCH cooler with lows dropping into the mid 50s

Tomorrow: Any showers end quickly in the morning…cooler and cloudy. Highs in the low to mid 60s

Friday: Another chance of some showers…cool with highs only 60-65° depending on late afternoon sunshine.



Well the 1st day of fall is coming on Thursday evening to be precise…but tomorrow will have all the fall vibes…and you’ll start to feel these changes later today, earlier for northern MO.

It’s about time!

Temperatures this month are running about 4° above average…and while the next couple of days will be cooler…I’m not sure we’re going to erase that positive anomaly before the end of the month…we’ll knock it down…but we should finish the month warmer than average when things go into the books.

This is just one of several cold fronts that will affect the region over the coming days…as our big upper level ridge gets “squashed” farther southwards into Texas.

This will allow a decently strong system to to move through the northern Plains region that will help to enhance the cooler air flowing through the eastern Plains over the next 48 hours or so.

Here is the front early this morning…

We should see a moderation to start the weekend with a rapid return of 80s on tap for Saturday but another cold front will move through later Saturday and usher in another batch of cooler weather.

As all this is happening…powerful Hurricane Fiona, a category 4 hurricane this morning, will be in the Atlantic churning towards Bermuda but likely passing west of the Island. Still the island will feel the affects of the hurricane with wind and surf conditions worsening over the coming days. Some higher surf is possible along the eastern Seaboard as well.

What’s sort of fascinating is how the storm, while it makes a transition over the weekend…sort of bends back towards the north or northwest into the Canadian Maritimes region…this could be a nasty storm up there over the weekend.

As a result of this interaction a deeper dip in the jet stream may take shape in the eastern 1/3rd of the country…this will put us into a more NNW flow…and that means periodic cold fronts…and likely more dry air.

So whatever happens tomorrow night and Friday…may again have to do us for quite some time. Hopefully this overproduces for us…some data says it could.

Also of note is the other disturbance that is south of Fiona…that could be an impactful storm to be for the Gulf region…

This could be a good soaking rain for central KS though from roughly I-70 northwards towards the NE border.

The feature photo comes from @KCdroneshow with a stunning sunset as the last of the setting sun’s rays passed through distant storms