KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Another wonderful day in the region today as our run of low dew points and warm afternoons continue. Today will be the last pretty hot day for this stretch of weather as a cold front is due to move through tomorrow. That front will alter the temperatures tomorrow into Tuesday morning before we start heating back up again.

Some rain is expected, but don’t count on a bunch. Odds favor less than 1/2 inch for most, unless you get a couple of fast-moving thunderstorms. The rain window opens tomorrow afternoon and lasts only until just after midnight Sunday. After that we dry out.


Kansas City Forecast

Today: Sunny and hot with highs near 90 degrees.

Tomorrow: Increasing clouds with shifting winds to the north. Highs in the lower 70s towards lunch and then dropping into the 60s in the afternoon. It will be a bit warmer on the southeast side of the metro before dropping as well. It will definitely feel like fall tomorrow afternoon especially! Breezy as well in the afternoon.

Sunday: Sunny and really nice. Highs in the mid-70s. Breezy as well.



Well the speed of the front has been the main change with the data over the past couple of days. This front does mean business. Here is the 9 a.m. map.

Temperatures are in red, those are 40s and 50s in the northern Plains.

Yesterday Nebraska was having highs between 100-105 degrees for records. Scottsbluff was 103 degrees. Right now they’re 56 degrees. That is a real cold front moving through the Plains.

It will arrive tomorrow morning, as the real cool air surges in as the day moves along.

This brings a few things into play: 1) increased afternoon rain chances, especially north or west of the Interstate 35 corridor spreading eastwards and southeastwards as the late afternoon moves along, 2) dropping temperatures after a rise of about 10 degrees in the morning, 3) increasing winds with the cooler air flowing into the region, 4) temperatures will be cooler north and west and warmer south and east of Kansas City, 5) a faster end to the rain tomorrow night.

This means that the racing out at Kansas Speedway may be impacted as well other events, especially northwest of I-35, especially tomorrow afternoon. Fair warning.

This is a potential temperature profile for around lunch tomorrow.

Notice on the northwest side of the metro, temperatures may be in the 60-65-degree range while southeast of downtown, closer to 80 degrees.

This faster and stronger push of cool air means that rain chances will increase several hours faster tomorrow.


6 p.m.:

Initially, the dry air below the clouds may put up a fight for awhile, but in time we should at least see some rain in the area as the mid-to-late afternoon moves along.

Again the rain chances last for about 6-10 hours, then because everything is moving along, it blows through and Sunday looks pretty good.

A day or two of cooler than average highs will be replaced by more heat next week.

Here is the EURO look for the next couple of weeks (disregard tomorrow).

That’s it for now, short blog today. Have a great weekend.

Feature photo is from Mary Jo Seever of the smokey sunset last night.