It’s a soggy morning in the region today as our storm has cranked out 1/3rd to almost 1″ of rain in many areas of the region. It’s been mostly rain, although if there were a few snowflakes out there I wouldn’t be shocked but with temperatures in the mid 30s… no real concerns with that.

The storm will be pulling away and sunshine will be coming into the area rather quickly later this afternoon.

The warmth will happen fast as temperatures quickly rise later today and we stay mild tomorrow, and especially Sunday. So more spring weather is coming to the region.

The battle starts on Tuesday as colder air comes through the region and it appears that colder air will linger for quite some time. With March moving along the highs improve into the mid-50s toward St. Patrick’s Day, so colder air masses will have an easier time creating below average temperatures.

Basically the early spring feel to the air will be replaced by winter again, and there may be some snow threats mixing in every so often.



Today: Rain ends this morning then clearing out. Highs approach 50°

Tonight: Fair skies and chilly with lows in the mid-30s

Tomorrow: Variable clouds in the morning then clearing skies and milder with highs well into the 50s

Sunday: Warmer and windy with highs near 70°



It’s an impressive storm that is affecting the region and areas east of the area. The pressure of the storm as of this writing was very low, about the same as what happened last weekend in NW MO.

Today the main issue out toward the east will be the threat of severe weather

Already tornado watches are in effect out there…

Yesterday the severe weather was down in the southern US…

There were some tornadoes, but there were numerous reports of strong winds in central Texas, especially around the Dallas area.

The pattern over the coming 10 days or so is one of contrasts: For the next four days or so, not too bad at all from a temperature standpoint. These next two graphics are five-day averages:

Then look at the reversal toward and after Wednesday of next week through next weekend

So we don’t have to worry about anymore snow risks with the top graphic, but it may be changing after that, at least the risks will be coming back.

There will be cold air (for a change) lurking in the region, and with a well-placed wave, that could mean snow. Sure enough, the models are showing snows again toward the end of next week.

First the colder regime change…

That is a pretty strong push of colder air. Again, remember the averages towards there are in the lower 50s for highs

We’ll see about the snow opportunities. I don’t want to get snow lovers too excited in a winter that has been so disappointing for many who want the snow. At least the cold will be in the vicinity for a change really.

Finally this… in so many ways a weird winter:

Out west, more snow coming this weekend, too.

There are some 5 FEET totals in there… the Sierras are getting pounded this winter

There is some good news with all this as well:

That drought is being wiped out and more improvement is coming.

Check out northern AZ…

Snow famine or snow meccas…

The feature photo is from Lance Eberhardt