I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and in case you didn’t know, it was officially a White Christmas in KC.

We had one inch of snow on the ground on Christmas Day, and that makes it a White Christmas. It was the first one since 2017.

It was a cold one as well. Temperatures recovered somewhat in the afternoon, but it’s been cold since the Arctic boundary moved in last week.

Today though we start a full recovery, it’s already started too as temperatures were going up all night last night. We dropped to 8° around 12AM, woke up with temperatures 10° less cold, and when we’re done today we actually may be near average for highs.

This starts a stretch of near to above average highs into next week.



Today: Variable high clouds and filtered sunshine at times. Windy and not as cold with highs well into the 30s

Tonight: Not as cold with lows in the low to mid 30s

Tomorrow: Windy and milder with sun/clouds and highs in the 50s

Thursday: Windy and warmer with highs near 60°



The Arctic air in in full retreat this morning across the Plains states. The 8AM surface map shows south winds everywhere with the exception of a few areas in the Deep South

These south winds will allow warmer air to gradually develop. Today highs in the western Plains into Eastern CO will surge to near 70°!

Highs Tuesday

While this occurs a series of storms will be affecting the western USA. These storms are laden with Pacific air and lots of Pacific moisture. This means heavy rains and higher elevation snows for areas out west. Great news for many of the reservoirs and drought stricken regions out there.

How much moisture…

In the higher elevations of the Sierras…this will be snow…over 4 feet worth

This will also bring rains to the desert regions as well with snow in the higher elevations of AZ.

You can see the onslaught of the moisture.

For us, all this is going to do is flood most of the US with milder air. We’re going to see periods of higher clouds mostly, but no organized storms will affect us for the rest of the week.

Temperatures will respond. Near 40° today, 50s tomorrow, and pushing near 60° Thursday. Winds will be a thing as well adding a bit of bite to those milder readings, but we’ve come a long way from the Arctic cold that was with us late last week into yesterday.

Speaking on that: We’re now 2.4° below average for temperatures, and on the likely assumption there is no accumulating snow for the rest of the month, we’ll finish the month with 1.3″ of snow, which is below average and would make this month the 44th least snowy December in the last 135 or so years. Our seasonal total is now up to 1.7″ which isn’t a lot really. That ranks 30th of the least snowy starts to the season (assuming nothing else accumulates through the end of this month).

Meanwhile the disastrously bad blizzard in the eastern part of the country has wound down. Buffalo ended up with 49″ of snow, although considering they had winds gusting to 50-65 MPH for several days in a row, how they got that measurement is something else. Look at this radar replay and watch the heavy band set-up and alternate north and south through the city.

Buffalo is now right at 100″ of snow, about 70″ above average for late December.

They average about 95″ for a season, so they’re already above the seasonal average, and it’s not even January yet! Oh, and it’s still snowing there, a couple of inches are possible today.

The storm is considered a generational storm. The last really bad blizzard there was back in 1977. This was worse… way worse for most of Buffalo. The intense winds lasting for several days makes it something different really.

Sadly dozens have lost their lives and the death count in still increasing as officials start the recovery process of getting cars out from being stuck. The tornado death toll this year is 25, this generational storm there and the number of dead from the storm overall has more than doubled that total.

Numerous cities are experiencing water main breaks and diminished to no water availability. Some cities had power restrictions and rotating outages to keep the grid going.

Clearly our national infrastructure can’t handle some of these extreme weather events, and one has the feeling that more of the same is coming in the future.

45% of the country is under a blanket of snow today…

This is down 3% from yesterday. KCI has lost its snowcover.

The good news for the east is that their going to warm up as well with 40s and 50s possible late this week to start the melting process.

We did have a great sunrise this morning…

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Infrequent blogs this week with the settled weather