We’re halfway done with the month and, while interesting from a weather standpoint, one theme has been dominant…a lack of moisture. KCI so far about 1/2″ of moisture and that (so far) is more than 1 1/3″ below average.

Add that to the lack of moisture in September…over 3″ below average…and the dry last half of August (we had little moisture after the 13th) and it’s pretty dry out there for sure.

We’ve seen the drought expand through the region, as the blog last week reported, and this week won’t help the cause at all. Anything that isn’t watered on a regular basis has dried out.

There have been rains in the region as a whole but some, perhaps many, have missed out on the better rains over the last couple of months.

The pattern though for being outside is pretty nice and should remain so with delightful afternoons and cool mornings that are typical for this time of the year. There are signs toward the last week of October that we could see some decent moisture in the region.



First a note…this will be the last blog for about 8 days or so. I’ll be taking some bereavement time after the loss of a family member over the weekend.

Be alert to some frost tomorrow morning. Many areas have yet to get frost and more will likely some at least some patches of frost Tuesday morning (17th).

In reality though, from a weather standpoint, there isn’t a lot to write about this week anyway. Fall is doing fall things around these parts, and we’re seeing a lot of dry weather in the region these days and what little rain there was out there over the weekend really didn’t amount to all that much in the rain gauge.

That leads us to this…the last 45 days of precipitation anomalies in the region and you can see how this area is dry.

If we expand this out to 60 days…going back to mid August…

So yeah…it’s dry for sure.

Since the widespread moisture shut down in mid August…it’s also been mild to warm mostly as these temperature anomalies can attest too

Most areas on this map covering a LOT of terrain are running mild to warm.

This month alone is about 2.5° above average and September was more than 3° above average. For that matter August was 1° above average.

So it’s been mild to warm for sure.

The general trends over the next 10 days is mild. Nothing overly warm but generally mild.

After the frost risk tomorrow morning…odds are that will not be an issue for awhile.

For context the average high today is 67° which drops to 61° towards the end of the month. The average low drops from the mid 40s to the 40° range towards the end of the month.

There are some signs that the last week of October may be a bit more wet. There may be some showers around this Wednesday but it won’t be much at all, and it may not even happen. There may be some additional showers around next Tuesday/Wednesday.

That’s about all I can think to write about today…I’ll see you again on the 25th. Hopefully I can write about some rain.

There were glimpses of the weekend Eclipse on Saturday. Danny Mcnair got a shot of it down towards Pleasant Hill.