A cold front moved through the region last night pushing the milder weather away after leaving us with a record tying day yesterday. We hit 68°…thanks in part to winds gusting to near 50 MPH in spots…and impressive turn around from the weather a week ago.

There are clouds out there now but we should see sunshine this afternoon and warm back well into the 40s…still nicely above average and we finish 2022 on a milder note and start 2023 on a warm note as well.

After falling to some 2.4° below average for the month…these last few days have taken the edge off that…we’re now .9° below average and after tomorrow we may cut that even more…the ying and yang of weather is going to get us near average after that bitterly cold 5 day period.



Today: Increasing sunshine this afternoon with OK temperatures. Highs in the low to mid with light winds for a change

Tonight: Fair and chilly with lows near 30°

Tomorrow: There is a small chance of some morning drizzle for a few hours…then turning warmer and breezy in the afternoon with highs in the mid 50s

Sunday: Nice, but breezy with highs well in the 50s



You know you’re living right these days when after a late December cold front comes through…you’re still running above average for the time of the year. The average high is in the upper 30s…we should be above that later today.

Then the weekend features a dramatic warm-up again as strong southerly winds develop tomorrow…sending highs well into the 50s…and this will likely continue on Sunday as well.

The bigger change in the weather is coming on Monday as a decently strong storm comes out of the western US and moves into the Plains. Abundant moisture should be brought up from the south…the models are suggesting 2-4 times the typical amount of moisture in the atmosphere compared to early January averages…perhaps overdone…but still impressive.

It sounds promising BUT there are issues with this next wave…and that may be the better focus for all this moisture may be more towards the east of the region than locally. We should get some decent rains but despite some parameters indicating a ton of rain for us…I’m not totally sold as of yet at least.

I’ve been mentioning a 1/4″-1″ rain potential and I still want to stick to that for now.

One of the issues with this is the future track of our upper level system that will be crashing into CA tomorrow and that may determine if we get dry slotted. A track towards NW Iowa could allow a dry slot to zip into the area shunting the better rains towards the south of the region.

This will be a rather dynamic storm and I’ve mentioned that these systems coming into the western US from the Pacific with such strong jet stream winds typically aren’t modeled well until they crash ashore…so there will be some additional changes I’m sure regarding Monday and Tuesday.

As we go way up to around 40,000 feet or so…cruising altitude for many aircraft (or close to it) you can see the train of winds that are blowing from west to east. No doubt there may be some planes trying to catch that wind as they cross the Pacific at least heading eastwards…they’ll be avoiding that going the other way though.

Regardless…the train of moisture-laden air that is cruising through the Pacific Ocean goes all the way to Asia…and the net result will be some hefty precipitation totals for areas out west. This should also set-up another significant snow for Colorado, including the Denver area on Monday.

That wave of strong jet stream winds means an active western US pattern for quite some time…perhaps over the next 10 days and while some flooding is likely with this in CA at some point…this will be reservoir filling moisture out there…especially central and northern CA.

Over the next 10 days out there…

That’s some 15″ of moisture in the mountains of the Sierras…a TON of high elevation snows…especially above 7,000 feet or so.

For us though we should see a big warm-up and then more seasonable air starting Tuesday morning with potentially some falling temperatures on Tuesday as the colder air moves through.

Finally Jacob put together this year ender graphic. I’ve got some additional stats I was working on yesterday that I’ll show on the news tonight.

The feature photo comes from KC Drone Show via Twitter.

Have a happy and safe day tomorrow and Sunday and Happy New Year from all of us at FOX 4.