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Good afternoon…a rather potent storm system is moving into the Plains and will create on one side…blizzard conditions…and on the other side tornadoes and other types of severe storms. A large dry slot is working up from the south and will send temperatures soaring just south of KC and the whole storm tonight will send winds gusting to 40-50 MPH in the region as it pulls away from the area. That’s one decent storm. The national weather grid is lit up with all sorts of watches/warnings/advisories on this Saturday afternoon.

  • Forecast:

Tonight: Some potential evening storms from 5-7PM or so…then turning colder and windier. Temperatures falling from the 40s to the 30s to the 20s overnight. Some rain is still possible, perhaps ending with some flakes of snow. Winds may gust to 40+ MPH and a Wind Advisory is in effect for the area.

Sunday: Becoming sunny and blustery with highs in the mid 30s

Monday: Variable clouds and chilly with highs in the mid 30s..colder north

Tuesday: Colder with highs near 30°

  • Discussion:

So this is one of those fascinating storms…a lot going for it and in a typical winter…it would be a good blog in  and off itself. But in the winter that we’ve had so far…I’m having a tough time getting myself worked up about it. It has created some interesting weather including more rain in the KC area…another 3/4″ or so…a few rumbles of thunder already…and more possible tonight…and the potential of stronger winds overnight as the storm pulls away from the region.

The nation as a whole has a lot going on right now…

The KC area is under a Wind Advisory for tonight.


We’re just a handful of counties away from an all out blizzard again in KC.

The storm itself is developing and getting stronger.

It will come very close to the I-35 corridor later today and then move up towards northern MO tonight.

All the maps above will continuously update for you with the latest information.

Early this afternoon we’re going into the dry slot of the storm. There has been a lot of talk about dry slots this week!


IF we end up clearing out to some extent…and with the winds out there stirring the air around…it’s possible that we could see a temperature spike. Some areas…odds favor south and east of KC…may see a run well into the 50s.

The latest map at noon at least shows temperatures into the 50s already in southern KS. Meanwhile Hays has had several inches of snow and already 30 MPH winds cranking out there.


[protected-iframe id=”fa37df52c3c06e5d11472eaf89ed04c5-28016812-27967000″ info=”″ width=”650″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″]

The above is via

So as the storm moves through this evening…on the backside the winds will increase and the colder air that is in the process of wrapping around the storm will rush through eastern KS and into western MO.

Snow accumulations on the backside of this storm will be impressive and when factoring in the increasing winds today and tonight…what a mess.


So this is one powerful storm…

Severe weather wise…watch areas towards MS/TN…big concerns there for tornadoes.

The biggest concern in strong winds and tornadoes…15% hatched areas on the SPC outlook are noteworthy and usually something significant happens when they go to that level.

The concern is that many of these tornadoes will occur this evening…when it’s dark outside…and that is something that is never a good combination. Here are the latest watches…red areas are tornado watches.

As far as what’s ahead…really not a lot BUT we’re going to be very close to a dividing line between cold (for late February) air from N MO northwards…and some milder air south of I-40 in OK and AR southwards…in and of itself that creates temperature headaches this coming week for forecasting…and while there are no big waves indicated at this point through the week…I can’t help but feel somewhere in that 1st 10 day of March that something more significant will occur. Heck we’re getting precip every 3 days it seems at this point…so why not expect that to continue. I have my concerns for next weekend.

I still remember a blog I wrote I think back in early January…asking the question (when it was mild) if this was our January Thaw? I’d say that thought was a good one. We’ve been anything but thawed since.

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