As we start the day today a cold front is working through the region and temperatures are falling off.

Last night I told you that whatever we’re around 1AM would be the high for the day, and that’s what happened. We’ve dropped about 10° with the front and we’ll sort of struggle to go up for the rest of the day.

The lower clouds behind the front may be tough to break up…but hopefully we’ll see a little sunshine out there this afternoon.

This is the set up for an unusually cool late May day tomorrow as a cooler air mass combined with rain falling at times…conspire to bring a not pleasant Saturday to the region as has been detailed all week long.



Today: Cloudy and cooler than it has been. Our early morning high of 77° will stand and we’ll only be in the upper 60s to near 70° this afternoon. There may be a few shower SE of the Metro as well

Tonight: Rain and a few storms gradually develop well after sunset. Temperatures will be steady near 60° or so before the rain then drop into the 50s

Tomorrow: Off and on rain/mist/drizzle with blustery north winds. Highs in the 50-55° range

Sunday: Increasing sunshine but remaining cool with highs in the mid 60s



So the front is moving through…

The above map is the surface map as of the 8AM hour. Temperatures are in red and dew points are in green.

IF this was in the afternoon, with more instability, we’d have the chance of storms but we’re capped off since the cooler air is surface based really…and aloft the air will remain mild for awhile. So the front is generating clouds…but little else so far.

Overall though this is an impressive front as you don’t often get falling temperatures in late May with a typical cold front moving through and then struggle to warm up as the day moves along.

The set-up out towards CO remains…it’s a tough forecast for some of the big cities out there because of the timing of the snow tonight and how fast it falls.

But when the same front moved through parts of CO yesterday evening the drop off of temperatures was fast and hefty…especially for May!

Regardless an impressive scenario setting up. See yesterday’s blog for other tidbits concerning the rarity of the snows expected out there.

The system that went to the south of here yesterday, giving us clouds, was impressive in it’s own right. It created flooding rains and wind damage reports around the St Louis area…

The wind reports went all the way to Cincinnati. All from the same thunderstorm complex that developed in eastern CO this past Wednesday night.

That’s about it for today and the weekend. Busy morning on my part.

This is a cool feature photo of the eclipse from Steve Ferro. He has a website called Moon and Stars…check it out!