Not feeling the greatest today…so I’ll be taking a couple of sick days and hope to get back in the game on Friday…I guess that means I’ll get to watch the game tomorrow…and sort of be happy that I will be under a blanket at home. It looks pretty chilly out there…and with clouds and gusty winds expected through Friday…early Spring weather is a lock for the area.

The good news is that the temperatures are really going to pop later this weekend…and 80° weather is likely early next week before another cool down later in the week it appears.

Oh and the wind…lots of wind…starting today…and with the exception on Saturday…just about every day for a week…lots of wind. Early next week will feature a more southerly flow which means allergies really rap up for some folks as we get tree pollens blowing into the area from the south and the ones that are popping in our area now and into the weekend.



Today: Sunny this morning then partly cloudy this afternoon. Windy and seasonable with highs around 60°. I can’t rule out an isolated shower later today as well

Tonight: Clearing to fair skies and chilly with lows in the upper 30s

Tomorrow: Some brief morning sunshine, then turning cloudy and again windy for most of the day. Temperatures in the 45-50° range before the clouds come into the area then they may drop a few degrees. Perhaps an isolated sprinkle/shower or two as well

Friday: Late afternoon clearing. Remaining blustery with highs in the 45-50° range.



Yesterday evening things got interesting for about 30 minutes or so as a thunderstorm moved off towards the east of the Metro. It started to exhibit rotational characteristics…and I was watching it closely on radar as it was moving through areas south of I-70 towards eastern Johnson Co, MO and Pettis Co MO. The NWS decided to pull the trigger and issue a tornado warning.

I got this picture from Cynthia Tallman out towards the SW of Houstonia.

There was definitely a lowering of the clouds with a likely wall cloud developing.

I told the crew to get ready in case we needed to break into programming…and so we waited. Sure enough at 7:10 the NWS issued a tornado warning. This was for the same storm that was rapidly moving out of the immediate viewing area. So I got on the air until the storm crossed over into Cooper County.

It never did produce a tornado…but it sure had that look for awhile to some extent on radar. It did end up producing a 70-80 MPH wind damage report in Pilot Grove, MO in Cooper County and strong wind reports near Lamine, MO.

Check out this shot from Matthew Smith near Hughesville, MO

He said it was trying to produce but just couldn’t in the end to his knowledge.

Today the severe weather threat will be again in the SE part of the country.

Including tornadoes especially in southern GA

For the metro we just had some rain with some brief downpours. We ended up with roughly 1/4″ or so from that rain…some perhaps a bit more.

That was triggered by a cold front that came through yesterday evening…so in stead of the lower 70s like yesterday today will be in the lower 60s or near 60°.

We are enjoying mostly sunny skies though for now…but because the air aloft is chilly…as soon as we get into the 60° range…clouds should develop and increase in coverage…with that small shower chance.

There is actually a strong and deep surface cyclone across the upper Midwest…

You can really see it in the wind fields with the weather obs on the following map…

That storm is in no hurry to move along…as a result and because various disturbances will be rotating around in on the western side of the storm system…moisture will wrap southwards and overtake the region at various times with the bulk of it coming sometime tomorrow morning it appears.

Once that moisture gets here…it will likely stay into later Friday afternoon. Add in 30+ MPH winds…and temperatures in the 40s…not a good combo to hanging out doing tailgating or being at the game. Oh yeah…there may be a few spits and showers out there too!

Meanwhile out to the western US…record heat is likely.

As the storm pulls away Friday the clearing line will spread into the region later in the day or early in the evening. Another day though with highs in the 40s, with perhaps some near 50° temperatures if the clearing spreads eastwards fast enough.

Saturday should be tranquil…then a realignment of the jet stream takes place early next week with a potent storm setting up and coming out of the Pacific NW and dropping into the southwestern US it appears.

It’s got that “look” to it…and strong and severe storms are likely in the southern Plains and the central Plains. How this impacts KC remains to be seen but let’s start watchin Tuesday for the potential of rough weather. It’s possible we get the weaker storms with the worst to the west or SW of the region…but again this remains to be seen and will have a lot to do with timing the storms arrival.

So next week, at least Tuesday or Wednesday may be very active in the Plains region.

On the other side of the coin…there’s this…about a 3 hour drive from KC…

Look at that weird “snowhole” NW of the region.

Have a great day…let’s see how I’m feeling tomorrow for a possible blog.