Joe’s Weather Blog: Heat Slowly Returns…Then Backs Off? (SAT-7/19)

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Good morning…this may have been the best 4-5 days of July weather we’ve had over the past many years around this part of the country. Aside from some have that may be filtering out the sun just a pinch (caused by smoke from Canadian/Alaskan forest fires)…it’s another great day out there.


So far through yesterday our temperatures for July are running 5.5° cooler than average. That’s pretty impressive. Take a look at the following set of highs/lows/avgs/departure from avg chart…data is from KCI.

ScreenHunter_03 Jul. 19 09.18

We’ve been below average now for 13 days this month…and today will be the 14th out of 19 days. our low this morning was 59°…so unless we pop into the upper 90s…another below average day will be recorded. We’ve had 2 days this month where the high temperature was actually above average.

From an average temperature standpoint, over the last 30 years ending in 2010…this is the warmest time of the year…from the 19th through the 27th for KC. Temperatures will start getting closer to, if not somewhat above average over the next week or so. The NWS in Pleasant Hill just put out this graphic showing the rarity of what’s been going on around these parts…

So far the highest temperature at KCI (official for the KC area) has been 92°. There have only been 9 other July months in our weather database, going back to the 1880s that have featured max highs for the month of 92° or below…odds favor us getting above that though sometime before the month is over with…how far above that is a bit of a question as the heat builds in then may back off towards the west again.

One thing that is slowly happening with this great weather is that we’re starting to dry out again. There may be some chances of convection associated with some thunderstorm complexes moving SEwards through the Plains (perhaps next TUE evening?) but aside from that not much is expected around the KC area for a few more days it appears.

So let’s expect temperatures to gradually warm back into the 90s into early next week…and with all the green terrain out there…expect thick humidity and high dewpoints…nothing that we haven;t seen already this summer…but after the past week…it will not be nearly as pleasant.



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