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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s Monday, but it feels like the last four days or so doesn’t it? Lots of clouds out there, and as I start this blog there are showers popping up around the region. It will be an on-and-off wet day in the area, and we’ll just do this again tomorrow and probably Wednesday as well.

The good thing for us about this is that the combination of clouds and rain chances keeps temperatures below average for the week. The bad thing is that any larger areas of rain will not help areas that are still seeing a lot of water out there although the rivers are coming down from their peaks over the weekend.

Out in the northwest and northeast part of the country, tremendous heat us in play. Historic heat into Canada. Not only daily and monthly highs being set. All-time highs are dropping and in the case of Canada, national highs were set. That is tremendous.



Today: Clouds and occasional storms/rain. Locally heavy rains are possible. Highs around 80.

Tonight: About the same really, especially after midnight, lows near 70.

Tomorrow and Wednesday: Same really with highs near 80°.



Let’s start in the west. Really incredible what’s been going on there from the last couple of days.

This wasn’t confined to the U.S. Take a look at Canada… and this is extreme!

The thing is, it may be hotter out there today!

Portland, Oregon and Seattle are the two biggest metropolitan areas impacted by the extreme heat, but obviously many our cities big and small are being hit.

For context, these are the places in the U.S. that have been hotter than 112° in the weather history.

Two summer heat wave generators are going strong. One out east and one in the west. We’re sandwiched in between and are cooler and wetter. Things though are sort of bottled up: The ridge out east is blocking the dip in the Plains. The ridge out west is so strong that it’s not budging for now either, which helps the dip in the Plains to maintain itself.

So we’re locked in to daily rain chances.

Here is a look at the last seven days of anomalies for rainfall through Saturday:

Although those anomalies are pretty impressive (KCI is up to 4.5″ or so of rain), it’s still a bit short of average. Parts of northern Missouri though are over 12 inches of rain.

Our stationary front is located towards the northwest of the Kansas City area:

A series of disturbances will be coming up from the southwest every so often over the next few days and that means rain chances. These chances will be aided, but increases in the low and mid-level winds as well (and with the atmosphere loaded with moisture, as a matter of fact tomorrow over 150% of the typical late June moisture), the cells will be almost tropical in origin and that means locally heavy rains.

The moisture continues to be thick in the atmosphere through Wednesday with potentially a drying out process happening on Thursday into Friday and we may be setting up for a rather nice holiday weekend with cooler-than-average highs and pleasant by July standards humidity levels.

The feature photo is from Daniel Williams up towards Liberty, Missouri.


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