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It’s been rather remarkable this April to see the lack of “spring” around these parts. Trees especially have been very slow to bud out this month, but it seems in the past 72 hours that things are progressing along now, and hopefully we’ll have some leaves on the trees this week.

In some ways, considering all the winds we’ve had, including this past Saturday, perhaps not having leaves on the trees has been helpful. Without the leaves the trees are giving less resistance to the air currents and perhaps, despite 50-65 MPH winds on Saturday, there weren’t as many trees knocked around as what could’ve happened.



Today: Mostly sunny and cool with highs well into the 50s

Tonight: . Frost and freeze advisories are in effect. Cold with frost possible, especially in low lying areas. Lows in the mid-30s. Some upper 20s possible in rural areas, especially north of KC.

Tomorrow: A bit milder with highs in the mid-60s with partly cloudy skies.

Wednesday: Milder but breezy too in the afternoon. Highs in the lower 70s.



Everybody it seems is talking about the winds. It’s been blowing and going for the last 4+ months it seems, ever since the December wind storm. Folks are not remembering when in the past it has been this windy.

I tried to dig up some information on this and sort of struggled because I think the main issue is the wind gusts more than anything else. This past Saturday was another case in point.

That was after another blustery day of wind the previous day too. There have been others for sure.

The next chart doesn’t take into account the gusts, but more the steady winds that have also been persistent around these parts. After the last few days, at least through Sunday’s date, we can say that YES, for the first 3.5 weeks of the month, April at least is more windy that any April going back to the early 2000s.

Data is from Iowa State.

Now there are caveats to this data above…

“There are caveats galore to a chart like this including that “average wind speed” isn’t really something directly measured anymore. For the modern period, what we have are hourly or better reports of two-minute average wind speed over two or three second samples. Sound confusing? It gets even worse when considering the change from a more traditional cup anemometer to a two or three dimensional sonic instrument. A first glance at the featured chart would imply that the 1980s were windier than today, but again we may have to consider changes to how wind speeds were reported back then

IF you want to take it back farther…to December 1st…

Again, this is just average winds speeds. This doesn’t take into account the gusts, which I think is the main issue.

Not only has it been windier this month, it’s been downright cool in the Plains, with sporadic bursts of mildness. This month statistically is below average, but not as much as you would think, only by about a degree or so. We’ve had just as many days with average temperatures 10°+ degrees below average as we’ve had with days of 10°+ above average.

Take a look, and I’ve highlighted the winds as well.

Column 5 is the departure from average for temperatures

Hey it could be worse… what’s happening in the northern Plains and MT is something else this month.

That’s a nasty and persistent cold air presence up there, and the insane amounts of snow there has been a big factor in this.

Snow totals up there this month have been impressive, and to some extent they’re not reflected in this next chart because the highest snows are in western ND and eastern MT.

There is still a lot of snow on the ground up there, too.

For the KC region we continue to sort of luck out regarding severe weather. There was one report of 1″ hail in northern Platte County on Saturday night.

There may be some risks developing later this week, but odds aren’t that high at this point. Of course our main severe weather season is April, May and June. Perhaps like this winter, where we had no snow in December, and then things kick-started in January. Maybe that is the way severe weather season will go.

We’ll keep an eye on Friday but odds favor, the the latest data, most of the stronger storms to remain west of the area.

The thing is it’s an active pattern and one could see how a few changes here and there could up the ante a bit more locally, especially on Saturday. It won’t be dry though though, once we get into Thursday morning there should be increased rain chances.

Forecast rain through 5/3 from the EURO. This is also somewhat smoothed with the thunderstorm nature of things. There are some areas could see double what’s forecast.

So enjoy the next 2-3 day of nice weather. It gets wet heading into the weekend. Oh, and the winds return to some extent starting Wednesday as well, and it may be another pretty darn windy weekend around here.

So, what else is new?

The feature photo is from Muni MayWeather🌻 @Corbonzobeans via twitter