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After some brief heavy rains and rumbles of thunder I’m struck this morning by how a raging line of storms in the Plains can just sort of fade as soon as it gets to Topeka and into NW MO. Sure we had some rain/wind etc…nothing though too crazy for a complex that was producing 60-near 100 MPH winds as it was raging through Nebraska.

I’ll show you the radar in the discussion. I stayed up till about 2AM watching and tweeting out timelines…and by then the number of stronger wind gusts were dropping off as the complex was going towards the SE. Just another interesting night watching the weather.

The atmosphere has been rearranged now…and additional development is unlikely into the afternoon really. There may be some scattered stronger storms this evening but the bigger storms will be down towards I-44 it appears.



Today: Variable clouds with a slow recovery in temperatures to near 80° later this afternoon.

Tonight: A brief window where some storms could happen before 12AM…the partly cloudy with lows in the 60s

Tomorrow: Variable clouds with some showers around. Cooler with highs in the 70s

Monday: May not be perfectly dry with afternoon showers/storms possible. Highs in the 80° range.



Last night there were near 100 MPH winds in Omaha at the airport there. I wasn’t expecting that type of wind here…but a 40-60 MPH wind gust was in my thoughts. It really never even did that locally at least. The severe weather reports seemed to have stopped near St Joe and Topeka.

St Louis had themselves a night and there was a ton of rain across NE MO too.

All the W’s are strong/damaging wind reports. The Hs are hail reports

The rain situation was impressive for some but not too crazy here.

Here is the radar replay of the storms coming into the area.

It’s possible that the delicate balance needed to maintain the complex of storms was thrown off kilter as the complex approached eastern KS. Just so fascinating.

Today the atmosphere has been rearranged so I’m not sure how much new activity can get fired off this afternoon locally. The main threat will be south of the Metro it appears towards SE KS and SW MO

There is a trailing area of “slight” extending up towards eastern NE. There is a chance of some renewed storms to come together near sunset. They may be more scattered but possibly could have some hail in them. We’ll see about how that comes together…so there at least is a chance.

Possible radar image at 8PM tonight

The tomorrow will be an in and out day with showers around. It does appear that temperatures will be in the 70s which will be nice for that area. The activity will be somewhat scattered around the area though so outdoor things will be doable between the rain chances.

On Monday we start to come out of things a bit…but there may be some showers/storms in the afternoon, especially on the MO side of things.

It should be a typical summer week with highs near 90 on Tuesday and Wednesday with additional storm chances towards the end of the week.

OK that’s it for me…have a good rest of the weekend.

The feature photo comes from Kevin Kirkwood out towards Tonganoxie from the other day.


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