Joe’s Weather Blog: Snows move away this morning (SUN-3/3)

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Good morning…short blog today as I need to get this out during the morning show. Overall not as much as as totally expected…so far 2-4″ or so on average in the region…maybe a few isolated higher amounts farther south. More or less 2-3″ in the KC Metro through 7AM.

  • Forecast:

Today: Snow winds down before 10AM…the clearing and bitterly cold. Temperatures 10-15° with wind chills -10° or so for most of the morning

Tonight: Fair and very cold with lows 0 to -5° nd wind chills near -10°

Monday: Mostly sunny but cold with highs 15-20°

  • Discussion:

No time this morning really…we had to wait a couple of extra hours for the snows to get going…that made a solid 1″+ difference in the totals for snow…so the 2-5″ forecast will be more or less in the 1-3+” range…so it goes…

That dry air though…

Some areas out there may do better than 3″ though when things are all said and done.

Look a these morning temperatures…in red.

That’s a lot of cold air draining into the area today and tomorrow.

The other issues are the wind chills…brutal for early March…and really for any winter day.

At least we should see some sunshine during the afternoon

That’s the difference between about 1/10″ of moisture…and 1/3″ of moisture…any other day, if this was rain, it would be absolutely no big deal…but since we’re talking snow…it’s a doubling of the accumulations.

Regardless the impacts are virtually the same…blowing and drifting…bad roads…nasty cold air. The snow will move away shortly


As far as what’s ahead..keep an eye on Thursday…then a more significant storm next weekend…that though may draw in some milder air ahead of it…50s?.

That’s it…I’m done. Vacation time…see you in 10 days. Also there will be a homework assignment in the blog tomorrow for you. It’s going to post in the morning…do me a favor a complete your assignment.


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