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OK…different blog today…it’s your blog really. I’m just the conduit to the laughs (maybe …maybe not). Yesterday I asked on FB for you to fill in the answer to the question…”It’s so cold outside…HOW COLD IS IT…

Well you folks did a good job. So for the 1st time ever…a blog of jokes. Feel free to eye roll away and don’t get mad at me…they were all submitted to me on FB!

Pam Trusty: It’s so cold, ice cubes are hiding

Steve Jones: Its so cold FROSTY the Snowman has freezer burn

John Dembski: It’s so cold, the thugs have their pants pulled up all the way!

Jann Flebbe: It’s so cold I saw a chicken walking with a capon

Don Carnes: It’s so cold, I no longer need to diet. My shivering takes the weight off!

Jason Batts: It’s so cold outside, I saw one dog trying to jump start another dog

Kathy Pozin-Coy: It’s so cold that when we milked the cows, we got ice cream!

Kevin Barbour: It’s so cold out in KC that I moved to Hawaii 5 yrs ago. Now I’m freezing at 66* this morn! Aloha

Sue Palmer Crosby: It’s so cold they can’t deliver beer

Debra Jenkins: It’s so cold my teenage son is wearing actual pants!

Michael Smith: It is so cold that I had to bring the brass monkeys indoors!

Bill Shadonix: It’s so cold I built a second floor on my igloo to be closer to the sun.

Sheldon Mickey: I’m envious of my wife’s hot flashes.

Mimi Kretzer: It’s so cold outside even Frosty’s got goosebumps! ⛄️

Tammy Grimmett: It’s so cold that Richard Simmons wore pants today.

Tammy Grimmett: It’s so cold that my sheep and goats are sayings BLEH instead of Baa.

Stella Tacy: So cold my dog is peeing ice cycles

Amy Jo Thrasher: It’s so cold the chickens are standing in line for their turn in the deep fryer.

Donna Russell Gregory: It’s so cold people are wearing two pair of pajamas to go to Wal-Mart.

Annie Dinsmore: It’s so cold outside that my car battery is saying instead of zipity do dah is saying zopity no go.

Pam Arlint: It’s so cold I’m tripping over dog poop

Patricia Whiteside: That the store 5BELOW had to lower their prices to bring customers in!

Teresa Salsbury: I just read it was so cold, the chickens are lined up outside KFC waiting their turn in the fryer.

Edward Phillips: It’s so cold out that it makes Bill Belichick look like a warm person.

Rick Bennett: It’s so cold, I have penguins in my yard

Mike Hodges: It’s so cold the metal poles are hiding so kids won’t get their tongues stuck to them for just THINKING about sticking their tongues on them.

Pam Cleland: It’s so cold Politicians have their hands in their own pockets

Gwendolyn Garcia: It’s so cold- I let my dogs out and they peed ice cubes!

Brenda Pryor: Plumbers are pulling up their pants.

Bob Pease: It’s so cold my grandpa’s false teeth are chattering and they’re still in the cup.

Bob Pease: It’s so cold that flashers are just describing themselves to people.

Bob Pease: It’s so cold I had to break my dog loose from the fire hydrant.

Rose Wessing: So cold that Frosty is moving back to Alaska⛄

Somer Dixon: Its so cold even santa was jealous of the temperature

Juanita Walker Cates: It’s so cold polar bears are moving north to warm up

Good laughs!

Our feature photo shows life on the farm when 2 baby goats are born on the coldest night of the year! Adorbs!

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