KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With everything happening in the world of baseball this past year from the lockout perspective, a delay in the start of the season from a strictly weather standpoint wasn’t a terrible thing.

Getting home opener games out of the last week of March and into the first week (even second for some) was not such a terrible idea for getting a better weather situation for those games as spring got farther along.

Well, here we are with decent weather for a few days and then comes Thursday, and it looks awful to be outside for a long stretch of time. Windy, colder, perhaps some spits of rain in the afternoon, overall not pleasant.

It will be a bit better on Friday afternoon, and we’ll warm up nicely over the weekend, but of course Thursday looks to be the worst overall day in the next 7-10 days.


Kansas City forecast:

Today: Partly cloudy and cooler with highs near 60 degrees.

Tonight: Fair and cool with lows back into the 30s.

Tomorrow: Warmer and partly cloudy. Good chance of rain in the afternoon and into the evening. Ending before daybreak Wednesday. Highs well into the 60s and perhaps lower 70s if the rain holds off a bit longer tomorrow.

Wednesday: Turning brighter with increasing winds. A few clouds around in the afternoon. Highs 60-65 degrees.



We got to enjoy a nice weekend around the area as expected. There were some showers that moved through yesterday evening. Rain amounts seemed mostly in the few hundredths to near 2/10 inch on average in the area. Sort of enough to wet things down a bit again.

Today has started pretty bright and it appears we’ll enjoy the sunshine for a while. Some clouds may move into the region later this morning or this afternoon from central Kansas.

Temperatures are starting around 40 degrees or so. We should get back close to 60 this afternoon, still a bit below average.

Two cold fronts will be moving through the region over the next three days. The one later Wednesday will be the one that brings in the colder air for Opening Day.

Tomorrow we could warm up a bit ahead of the first cold front. This one is a bit disorganized and the timing of getting moisture back to the area with south winds is going to be close. Our dew points in the morning tomorrow start out in the mid-30s, but are forecast to get well into the 50s in the late afternoon just ahead of the front.

The trick about more rain tomorrow is how much moisture do we get back to the metro. Other models aren’t quite as aggressive with the moisture return (they may be more correct too).

Overall though, we should get at least some more rain in many spots later tomorrow, we’ll see how much we can get though. Perhaps areas southeast of Kansas City get a bit more (1/2 inch or more) from this than areas northwest of the metro.

Wednesday will be a windy and pleasant day with some clouds in the afternoon.

Thursday though looks a bit rougher. A secondary push of colder air moves in Wednesday night, and while there may be some initial sunshine areas Thursday morning, clouds will quickly come down from up north and with 25-plus mph winds blowing.

Clouds combined with a few spits of drizzle thrown in make for a less than ideal Opening Day. It reminds me of Opening Day back in either 2017 or 2018 (I forget which). It was cold and blustery and overall not pleasant, including tailgating. There was a big crowd, but it was a cold big crowd.

Friday may not be a bunch better with clouds and chilly temperatures again, close to 50. Finally though, we’ll come out of it over the weekend and next week it appears spring will really kick forward!

Check out the EURO forecast for the first part of next week: Yes, 80s are possible!

Now with the warmth, there may be a chance at times of some bigger storms as the pattern setting up may favor Central Plains storms at times, particularly later Tuesday into Wednesday.

Something to start filing away. Severe weather season is starting to kick in next week, especially closer to the Plains. Again, it’s too early for details locally on this scenario, but the pattern certainly favors it next week for a few days, before shifting towards the south of the region towards the southern U.S. once again (which has been a hot spot this season already).

A couple of tidbits for you as we finish up. First, snow!

Now tornadoes. It’s been an active start with lots of reports, some of which will be filtered out as duplicates in the end.

That’s it for today. No blog Tuesday as my golf league starts, so unless the weather is bad and I don’t play, odds are there won’t be many Tuesday blogs for awhile.

The feature photo comes from @Kansashoops from Sunday. It’s a great example of wave clouds caused gravity waves.

Some of you, especially on the Kansas side, saw these yesterday afternoon. They are generated by gravity waves. Air rises and if there is enough moisture in the air it cools and then condenses that moisture into clouds.

But where the air isn’t rising, it’s sinking, and that creates clearer areas behind the rising air. That’s why you get these “wavy” looking clouds. Sort of like waves crashing onto a beach right?