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Damage in Linwood, Kansas.

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The storms from Tuesday…hitting approximately the same areas that were hit back in 2003 were storms that will be remembered for years to come. Many were in their safe areas…and many in KC didn’t even see a drop of rain. So it goes with one supercell storm that organized down towards the Emporia/Osage City area southwest of KC and moved and strengthened towards Douglas County…eventually peaking near Linwood…before cycling (thankfully) and moving through Platte County and then re-organizing in eastern Clay and Ray counties with a new violent tornado near the Kearney and Excelsior Springs region.

So much happened in that 6 hours…and yet amazingly, at this point of the morning…nobody has lost their life at this point…despite the strongest tornado to hit the Metro perhaps in the last 15 years going back to 2003.

  • Forecast:

Today: Variable clouds and muggy with highs well into the 70s. Showers/storms possible towards the SE of KC especially this afternoon. Widespread severe weather is not expected but some storms could be strong towards Butler>Sedalia and the Lakes region

Tonight: Clearing skies and cooler with lows in the mid 50s

Thursday: Partly cloudy and and pleasant with highs in the 70s

Friday: Not too bad and a bit warmer with highs near 80°

  • Discussion:

Thanks for all the emails…tweets…and FB posts. Many of you watched the coverage, whether it be on FOX 4 or one of the other stations and I have no doubt that that coverage helped folks stay as safe as possible from the tornado that moved through.

What I’m curious about…as I still have 18 thoughts running through my head is why there weren’t even more tornadoes and supercells onn the south side…we’ll consider that lucky.

Some were injured…some lost their homes…but to see some of the damage last night and this morning and realize that nobody died (as of this morning at least) is truly a miracle.

Not to be lost in the shuffle is the more widespread flooding that is ongoing again in northern MO as some areas had 4-8″ of rain last night…obviously all just running off…there are so many roads closed in North MO.

Look at all that flooding…here are the doppler estimates for N MO…and you can see the track of the supercell that moved across N MO.

Closer to KC…the story was this…

This massive tornado…potentially with winds near 140+ MPH ripped through some areas on the KS side before reorganizing NE of the Metro.

Here is some video from Cary Bahora towards the Kearney area.

There are some other amazing videos and fascinating videos out there on FB…so check out our social pages for additional videos on FB especially.

The folks from the Douglas County Emergency Management sent this out…

The NWS from Topeka and Pleasant Hill will be out rating the tornado damage and then assigning values to estimate the winds. They use a damage survey toolkit to look at the various areas of damage…assess the construction of the building before the damage occurred (this is a big issue in ratings) and then assign an EF rating. EF stands for Enhanced Fujita rating. Here is some additional information.

From all the damage indictors above…there are 8 different breakdowns per category…so 28 categories with 8 breakdowns per category.

That’s why it takes some time to get this all together…there usually is a preliminary idea then they refine the EF rating as more stuff is surveyed. Most of this information comes out later today.

It’s amazing and we saw this back in 2003…how far away debris was lofted into the air and transported “downstream”. Some debris was found almost 50 miles away.

After whatever happens this evening towards the SE of the Metro…that should do it for awhile.

There is a lot more to think about…but my brain is mush right now…so we’ll stop here.

Damage in Linwood, Kansas.


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