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Good Monday…the heat relief came into the area overnight…really it started yesterday…the humidity relief though came in overnight. Dew points have dropped into the lower 60s…they were in the upper 70s on Saturday…so it just feels better to be out and about. Temperatures which maxed out in the upper 90s…will struggle to get out of the mid 80s for the next couple of days…and that means we’re going to see below average temperatures for several days…especially in the morning. Enjoy it. The rain was welcome and heavy for many.

With that said there were some areas SW of KC that didn’t fare as well with only a few tenths of an inch…the forecast now is dry for quite some time…and while we’ll be watching for weird little disturbances in the NW flow aloft…nothing right now is showing up to give us more rain.

Basically enjoy the nice break from the worst of summer!

  • Forecast:

Today: Mostly sunny and pleasant by July standards with highs near 80°

Tonight: Clear and cool with lows closer to 60°

Tuesday: Sunny and mild with highs closer to 80°

Wednesday: Same with highs 80-85°.

  • Discussion:

The last of the rains are moving away from the Lakes region as I type this blog to start out Monday morning. All the rain was welcome…last night there was an additional .21″ up at KCI…some did better…others not as much. The 2 day total was actually only about 3/4″ up at KCI…but most did better as the doppler indications show…

There was a zone though fro southern Miami Co/Bates Co northwestwards to near the Lawrence area that didn’t fare as well.

This week looks pretty dry at this point.

The recent 4 day stretch of 95° or higher in KC was typical of the summer. Odds are there is more heat coming this summer but at least for the next few days…it’s going to be nice.

The recent heat wave though is supposed to happen. It was compounded though by the higher dew points from all the moisture in the soil that has now been recharged again with 1-6″ of rain through most of the area.

Below are the years that we’ve had at least a 4 day streak of 95° or higher weather…and I only went back to the late 1980s for the information…you can see that what we experienced was very “normal” really.

It was more the heat index that was nasty…and heat indices above 110° are pretty unusual locally.

This graphic is via @Climatologist49

The graphic above means that there are 99% of the heat index readings in KC below 110°…last week I think we maxed out right at or just above 110°…but yeah it happens…

It’s actually been MUCH worse from a heat index standpoint. Look at 2010 or 2001…40-50 hours that summer saw the heat indices pop to 110°+

What will make the next few days enjoyable is the opposite of how the weather played out recently…instead of hot and humid weather it will be cooler and drier.

In the above chart..the green line is the most important thing…that’s the dew point. Dew points below 65° are very good by late July standards at least…and below 60° are really nice.

They’re also somewhat rare…

Take a look at this next chart…showing the days with dew points below 65° in the month of July at KCI…

2013 and 2014 as well 1994 were pretty decent months with drier air…

IF we expand the chart above to the “summer” (June>August)  we get this.

I don’t want to say this is rarefied territory but it will be unusual in a sense at least to have this dry air in place.

Today we started the day with dew points above 65° so today won’t count. Again it shows how tough this is.

The morning dew points show the drier air…dew points in the 50s north of the KC area.

You can see the surface flow later today..and how the north winds will persist. (courtesy

[protected-iframe id=”3b50e7d132b02fa7af4c23ea2fed62ef-28016812-27967000″ info=”″ width=”650″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″]

Enjoy the summer weather!

Our feature photo comes from the fine photographers at @AsSceneInKC

Very sporadic blogs this week with a lack of weather to write about…see you again on Wednesday in the blog at least.



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