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Happy Tuesday…another foggy start out there although temperatures are above freezing so this is just “regular” fog. Do you know what fog really is though? It’s a cloud that is actually touches the ground! It occurs when water vapor condenses making tiny little water drops that hang in the air. It’s air that has been cooled down to the point where the temperature and the dew point match. That means the air becomes saturated…hence the fog.

The fog should dissipate a bit quicker today and we should again enjoy a day with highs about 10 degrees above average…probably in the 45-50° range.

The temperatures for the week are tricky…another night of steady or rising temperatures is possible tonight and then temperatures may fall off tomorrow afternoon. Then on Thursday we’re cold into Friday morning before temperatures start going up Friday evening before tumbling on Saturday.

So the rest of the week will be marked by temperature challenges.

There are a few other things to go over too.

  • Forecast:

Today: Fog this morning…fair skies developing in the afternoon with highs well into the 40s

Tonight: A few overnight sprinkles are possible…aside from that mostly cloudy and not too cold with steady temperatures in the 45° range

Tomorrow: The winds will increase from the NW and cooler air will come towards the area. We should see clearing skies. Temperatures 35-40° in the afternoon with blustery conditions

Thursday: Chilly with highs near 35° and increasing clouds in the afternoon.

  • Discussion:

Our weather is quiet…but not really quiet…cold but not really cold…mild…but not really mild.

One thing for sure…it’s foggy again this morning but this time temperatures are in the 30s as opposed to the 20s…so instead of the fog freezing…it’s just liquid.

We should start seeing more sunshine as the afternoon moves along…and we’ll warm-up into the 40s again for today. Yesterday we actually hit 45° up at KCI around 12AM or so.

Tomorrow a weak storm passes towards the Lakes region and turns our winds towards the NW in the afternoon. Those winds will increase as well and bring down some slightly colder weather.

Thursday is chilly.

Then we cool off into the 20s Thursday night…and the sets up the Friday situation.

There is a lot of moisture down in the Pacific Ocean off Baja Mexico…

There are some disturbances within that moisture that will start moving quickly into the States and the southern Plains. They will fly through the region on Friday. So that will be tied to the wintry mix>rain chance on Friday. That will be a lot of moisture coming into some cold surface air initially…so some sort of sleet/ice combination is likely to develop…light at first but then increasing.

In time on Friday we should go above 31°…once that happens in the daylight…whatever ice build up occurs…and there will be ice build-up on untreated surfaces…will ease and things will just be wet out there during the day…especially later Friday morning into the afternoon.

IF you look carefully as the satellite image above…you can see some faster movement to the clouds off the coast of western Canada…that is a disturbance that’s diving into the California later tomorrow night and will coming through the Rockies later Friday and into the Plains Saturday morning.

That will turn into a storm at the surface on Friday and move through on Saturday…it will tap some colder air to the north of the area as well and allow that colder air to come southbound early Saturday.

That means IF (a big if) there is still precip around on Saturday morning…we may see a transition over to some snow before things end during the morning…

It will be colder over the weekend…nothing crazy but 30-35° are likely for the game on Sunday it appears with quite a bit of clouds around.

Right now the Saturday system doesn’t look like a snowstorm set-up…although a farther south track can create some additional snows locally…something to at least file away just in case.

There will be a couple of cold days with these changes over the weekend and early next week…but no true arctic air blasts coming this way with any staying power at least through next week…we’ll trend colder than average but nothing unusual for late January.

So chilly but not crazy cold or anything…

By the way this system on Friday will be another prolific moisture producer…1-1 1/2″ of moisture is on the table with this. We may easily break a record for the daily precip on Friday which stands at a somewhat low .43″ set back in 1931

That’s it for today…our feature photo is from the freezing fog taken by Juliana Schmidt.


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