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Happy Saturday…we started the day with rain and clouds. The clouds will gradually fade as the morning moves along…I guess we should enjoy them while we can because when they leave it gets hotter.

The heat will be full on tomorrow…but while steamy weather next week is expected…there are going to be numerous rain chances returning…so it won’t get too out of control on us.



Today: Clouds give way to sunshine and muggy weather with highs near 90°. Heat index values will be near 100° later today for a few hours. Windy with gusts to 30 MPH

Tonight: Fair and muggy with lows in the low>mid 70s

Tomorrow: Hot and muggy. Windy as well. Highs in the lower 90s. A mix of clouds and sun expected

Monday: A chance of storms developing later in the day with highs near 90°



I’ve mentioned this a few times on the air this week…so far this summer the hottest we’ve been is 94°. We’ve done that twice.

IF we don’t hit that tomorrow or Monday…we may not get there this coming week at all.

I bring this up because as we get deeper into August, we’re now seeing the slow descent of average highs. The last time a year went by cooler than 94° for a max summer temperature…was 1992…when we hit 93°. I think the coolest max summer high was 90° back in 1915. Interesting.

I bring that up in the backdrop of this…the temperature trend the 1st 7 days of August…shall we say…cool for the Plains.

KC is more than 7° below average so far this month. That’s a impressively large swath of cool summer weather.

Today should be a day it gets really hot…but the atmosphere has been worked over a bit by all the convection last night and early this morning…there are still clouds hanging in as well for a large swath of the area on the south side…and while it will be a muggy afternoon…we won’t achieve our potential today because of this lingering cloud cover.

Tomorrow should be the exception assuming enough sunshine and Monday could be pretty toasty ahead of a weak front that will be drifting south. That front will be our next significant rain chance as it drifts in and perhaps slows down. That should be a recipe for rain and storms…potentially even some severe weather

How the storms come together later Monday into Monday night and how they force the front southwards will affect the rain chances on Tuesday it appears as well and from there the rest of the week too. There is the potential for this to be a rather wet week…as we may concern our self with flooding potential next week.

Next on my agenda is this…a tornado in Canada. Canada is in their severe weather season now (nd has been for a month or so). The jet stream is up there in a more vigorous fashion at least…and they get some big storms in July and August sometimes.

This picture though…

Finally the tornado count from Isaias is ticking up. Another 2 were added yesterday I think to the following…

There are still some 750,000 customers without power in the northeast…at one point I think there were around 3 million. CT alone has over 300,00 this morning.

Then there’s this…so 2020 right?

Wichita has never gone a full year without a tornado report. There’s still plenty of time for that to change though.

Our feature photo comes from the People of Cowtown via twitter.


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