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February 07 2021 05:30 pm

This whole storm system has been about useless to us. Little to no rain…clouds for now today…and about nothing else. Yesterday on the news I said it would likely be a “nothing burger.” Might have been the 1st time on the air I used that phrase and well Mother Nature just couldn’t get enough moisture up into the drier air around these parts. There are some pockets of drizzle and sleet though on the southside.

This was all explained in detail on the newscasts last night. The thing is…now we wait probably another week or so for another chance at something. The good news is that, overall a lack of active weather means some mild days are returning with a serious run towards 60° (or higher) possible next week.



Today: Cloudy through mid afternoon (sunshine in northern MO). There may be a few sprinkles or patches of drizzle/sleet/snow on the south side. Then late afternoon sunshine is possible. Highs near or above 40°

Tonight: Clearing out and chilly with lows in the mid 20s

Tomorrow: Nice with highs in the lower 50s

Saturday: Nice again with highs in the lower 50s

Sunday: A bit cooler…breezy in the AM with highs in the mid 40s (should be chilly for the game…30s in the evening).



Yeah…I kept stressing last night this wouldn’t be anything to get worked up about and radar is confirming this even as I type this blog up.

The rain that was south of the region in the evening was struggling to get northbound. The overall system that was cranking out the precip in the southern Plains wasn’t really moving north at all…more or less eastwards…there was a ton of dry air in place so what rain was lifting north was being chewed on by the dry air ahead of it…and that’s where we are this morning.

There may still be a couple of sprinkles or something into the early afternoon around KC…but amounts will be negligible it appears.

So it goes.

The new drought report came out and this system won’t help our cause and with nothing else expected for at least a week or so…it won’t get any better next Thursday either.

There was significant snow from this storm though…it was down in SW KS and OK.

Check out the area around Minneola, KS…over 12″. 7.5″ around Woodward, OK. Not a bad snowstorm for them at all. A dusting to almost 3″ was around Wichita as well.

So there was a snow component to this storm…it was just more or less stuck out there.

For KC there was enough dry air north of US 50 to keep us mainly dry. There were a few hundredths of an inch of rain overnight down south of the city…but that was about it.

And so it goes. Just so dry since August 1st around here and as I mentioned…that won’t be changing for most of next week.

The next system perhaps is later in the week or next weekend. There will be a lot of warm air coming up ahead of it though…and I wrote earlier this week about all this warm air (compared to average at least) across a good chunk of central and northern Canada…well some for of it is going to move into the Plains, and get an assist from downsloping flow next week it appears.

Let’s go up to about 5,000 feet or so…and check out the warmth compared to average. The maps are for later Tuesday…Wednesday…and Thursday.

Tuesday. The anomalies are in degrees Celsius so almost double that for Fahrenheit.

Assuming enough sunshine…I’m not sure how we’re not in the 60s for at least a day or two. I think the chances of 60-65° weather is certainly there for a couple of days.

So that means I need to check the records…for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Upper 60s all 3 days. Interesting to note that 2015 is showing up on a couple of days in there. I checked out what the 5,000 foot temperatures were that day…and there are similarities. So I may trend the temperatures into the 60s in tonight’s forecast update.

The feature photo comes from Dave Tidman out towards Amoret, MO in Bates County down south of KC


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