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Another mild day in the region today despite all the clouds…as I type this blog we’re around 50° and very cloudy. The clouds will linger through the night but so will the mild temperatures. So we’ll probably have another midnight high in the area well into the 40s. A cold front is coming tomorrow though that will send the wind chill factor down to around 10-20° in the evening and lower towards Tuesday morning.

Interesting to note that since Monday it’s been above average here…but yet this is only the 50th warmest start to the month…through yesterday for KC…so not exactly overly warm…just nice…and that’s OK.

Snowlovers though don’t have a lot to get excited about for awhile it appears. The cold air coming will linger for about 24 hours and then start moving away. When it does…40s come back…maybe near 50° type weather for the end of the week.

  • Forecast:

Tonight: Cloudy and mild with lows in the 40s

Tomorrow: Initially OK but turning colder as the day goes along especially in the later morning and afternoon. So initially we may be in the 40s to near 50° or so but then drop into the 20s later in the day with wind chills tanking into the teens. There might be some sort of light mix in the area but it won’t impact anything

Tuesday: Cold in the morning…15-20° but not too bad in the afternoon with highs in the mid 30s

Wednesday: Not as cold with highs in the 40s

  • Discussion:

So the good news is we’re mild…here is the weather map before 1PM today…temperatures are in RED..

We’re also very cloudy…

Lots of low clouds in the region…I was talking about this potential all week long and there they are.

To the north though…a change…a colder change.

That change, in the form of a stout cold front that is moving through the Dakotas now…the colder air is lagging somewhat behind the front at this point. The winds here will switch towards the NW tomorrow AM…then the colder air comes into the region. So a mild start then a colder finish to Monday. This front is nothing crazy…just a typical December cold front really.

Then we moderate after Tuesday…although there is a bit of conflict in the data for Wednesday in terms of temperatures. The EURO does drop another fast moving chilly air mass into the area…we’re sort of getting another glancing blow whereas the other data doesn’t do this..including the notoriously cold NAM model. The other data would bring highs well into the 40s while the EURO sort of has KCI near 40° or so. We’re splitting hairs but I’ll lean towards the warmer solutions right now for Wednesday. Interesting to note that there could be snow in parts of TX through parts of the deeper south Tuesday into Wednesday. Some of the totals below may be lost to melting but you get the idea…

After that non eventful weather to finish the week it appears…mild as well for mid December. Again let’s watch next weekend

So we got the snow in October and November…now nothing. Certainly not the case out to the west into the Rockies..

That’s a LOT of snow out there even by there standards. Here’s something of a Top 30 list for bigger cities…

I mentioned that Cut Bank, MT was about 16″ away from their highest snow total ever in a winter…and it’s not even December 10th yet!

So about the snow situation. The EURO is trying to make a needle in the haystack type system streak through the Plains next Sunday. The GFS sort of has something going on as well…different placement. So let’s put the 16th out there for something potentially wintry. Oh and since there really isn’t a lot of action for snow lovers at this point in December…the GFS is trying to do something leading up to Christmas on the 22nd as well.

Right now though it seems the data is always a week away for snow chances…and that isn’t overly thrilling to me right now.

Our feature photo comes from People Of Cowtown….nice shot of the Plaza Lights!

OK that’s about all I have for you today…have a great rest of the weekend and Go Chiefs!



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