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Another very toasty day across the region with temperatures as of 1PM in the upper 90s. 100° has been the high so far at the Downtown Airport while 97° is the official high thus far @ KCI…odds are these highs will go up another few degrees before the day is done. Skies are clear and SW winds are enabling the temperatures to jump today. Our HEAT ADVISORY will continue through tomorrow @ 7PM. I wouldn’t be surprised if the humidity is a bit higher tomorrow PM. This should knock the highs down a couple of degrees but increase the Heat Index numbers. As of 2PM the Heat Index values are running about 5° hotter than the actual temperatures. Here is a breakdown of the advisory for the KC and Topeka region.

There are no changes needed to my forecast as far as what will happen over the next few days. I still expect some decent relief on Monday into Tuesday before more heat spreads our way later in the next week. The next significant cold front MAY hold off till after NEXT weekend, which means that it’s not out of the question another run of 95°+ could again happen next weekend before we see some more relief around the 9th. This is the time of the year where many like to do re-seeding. I hate to water every day, so I may hold off another 10 days or so and hope things start to get a bit wetter.

On the subject of rainfall, at least there will be a chance during the first part of the day on Sunday. Odds favor areas well south and SE of KC getting at least the better chances later Sunday afternoon…for the KC metro at least the chances don’t look to be much better than 20-30% that any one spot can get something…and on the assumption that we miss out on Sunday AM…then next week’s prospects look poor for rainfall for our area. It’s amazing how things can go from lush and green a few weeks ago to VERY stressed in places now. Of course areas NE of the KC metro never did get to to experience the lush and green stuff to begin with this summer!

The latest 8-14 day forecast has come out from HPC…and the “look” of it is not good for our area…

That’s pretty high confidence in BELOW average rainfall for this area.

BTW…the NWS  in San Fransisco came up with an interesting graphic showing the size of the big fire raging through CA right now. It’s the 5th largest fire in their history but somehow I was expecting something that equates to being even bigger…first take a look at all the smoke pouring from the fire…

Now take a look at the size of the fire…in relation to the sizes of various cities in the country…interesting the size of the fire today is the nearly the size of KC!

A very interesting comparison…have a great holiday weekend and stay cool. I’ll update the blog either Sunday or Monday as our weather develops!


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